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University Archives: Artifacts, Textiles, and Memorabilia Collection

Collection Number
UA 2119

OCLC Number

Various: Stony Brook University

Collected by Special Collections and University Archives, Stony Brook University Libraries.

Extent, Scope, and Content Note 
The collection is comprised of 14 cubic ft. of artifacts, memorabilia, and textiles documenting educational, social, and cultural activities and events at Stony Brook University.

Arrangement and Processing Note
The materials were inventoried in the order in which they were located and/or collected.
Finding aid updated by Kristen J. Nyitray in September 2019.


Restrictions on Access
The collection is open to researchers without restriction.

Rights and Permissions 
Stony Brook University Libraries' consent to access as the physical owner of the collection does not address copyright issues that may affect publication rights. It is the sole responsibility of the user of Special Collections and University Archives materials to investigate the copyright status of any given work and to seek and obtain permission where needed prior to publication.  

[Item], [Box], Artifacts, Textiles, and Memorabilia Collection, University Archives, Stony Brook University Libraries.

Stony Brook University.
Stony Brook University -- History.
New York (State) -- Stony Brook.


Box 1: Posters

"Ceddo," Stony Brook Film Society, February 1989
"Before the Revolution," SB Film Society undated
CED Sunday Cinema, undated
Library Film Society (19 posters), 1985?

Laura Nyro, late 1960s/early 1970s
All Nite Concert, late 1960s/early 1970s
Chamber Music Concert, 4 December 1975
SB Concerts at Alice Tully Hall, 1977
New Music Festival, February 1977?
Isaac Neminoff Memorial Concert, November 1977
Pre-Inaugural Concert Season, 1978
Richard Dyer-Bennet, November 1978
Sunwood Sundays at Five, 1978-1979
Outdoor Concert, August 1978
University Choral Orchestra, May 1979
Pop and Jazz Music from 1930s-1950s, March 1979
University Band, APril 1979
Jack Kesselman, clarinetist, 1979
Joshua Pierce, piano, October 1979
Robert Quiles, Bassoonist, October 1979
Graduate Orchestra, October 1979
Acezantez Zagreb, New Tendencies Ensemble, November 1979
Chamber Music Festival, 1982
Lazar Gosman, March 1983
Poets in Song, April 1983
"Joy of Fugue," Dr. Douglas Hofstadter, April 1983
Opera Workshop, November 1983
Stony Brook Camerata, February 1984
17th c. Instrumental Music, April 85
New York City Swing Band, 1987
Choirs, 1988-1990
University Choral Ensemble, 1992-1993
Classical Thursdays, undated
Salsa Poetical, undated

"Ah Wilderness," Eugene O'Neill, April 1976
A William Butler Yeats Festival, 1976
"The Contrast," Royal Tyler, February 1976
"Another Show," 1982
"Bus stop," October 1982
America on the Half Shell, 1982?
"The Woods"– David Mamet, April 1984
Season Highlight Theater, 1984-1985
"Light up the Sky," 1984
"Our Town," 1984
Lunchtime Theatre, 1985
"Every Step I Take," April 1986
"The Rivers of China"- Katherine Mansfield, November 1992
Martin Luther King," We are Dream," January 1994
"Mickey Colossus & the Merchants of Death," undated
"Six Characters in Search of an Author"

Fine Arts
Jewish Arts Festival, 1976
Leon Golub Paintings, 1966-1975, February 1978
Elaine Pear Cohen, sculptor, February 1978
Faculty Exhibition, 1978
Marjorie Bishop, 1978
Class of 78 Senior Shows, 1978
Women Artists from NY, 1978
Rosemary Mayer 71-77, 1978
Printmakers (Administration Gallery), 1978
Carol Cassidy, 1978
Prints by SUSB Printmakers, 1978
Lorna Logan, 1979
African Objects d'art, 1979
Joan Zullo, 1979
Photography by Walt Warren, 1979
Lilian Chu, 1979
Student Works, 1979
Informal Studies Community Gallery poster, 1979
Juried Print Show, 1979
The Community Collects II, 1979
Bell Street Artists, 1979
Maurice Flecker, paintings, 1982?
Sculpture, 1982?
Hendrika Maltz, 1982?
Regina Reil, 1982?
S.B. Juried Fine Arts Exhibition, 1985
Brookhaven Art League, undated
Allen Ulmer, undated
Press Photographers Association of Long Island, undated
Joseph Reboli, undated

Jerry Rubin of Chicago
Chicago, Allman Brothers, Bob Kosser, April 28 
The Clash, 26 April 1984
Pink Floyd

NCAA East regional championship, 1978, 1979
Patriots Basketball, 1982-1983
Football, 1983, 1984
Varsity Cheerleaders, 1983-1984
Summer Gymnastic Camp
Ticket stub: Stony Brook University Seawolves Football vs. Sacred Heart, 19 October 2002 (first game as "Seawolves")

Men of Stony Brook, 1984 (2)
Women of Stony Brook, 1984 (2)

Residence Life
On campus-housing, commuter, 1979
Attention Commuters, 1983
Summer House, 1983
Security, 1985
Place to rent?, undated

Campus map, 1983
Mini directory, 1983-1984
Commencement staging, 1984-1985

Donate to archives, 1983
Library Book Sale, 1983
Library Spring Book and Baking Sale, 1985
Win $100, name on-line catalogue, undated

Day Care and Counseling
L.I. Advisory Center, 1978
Early Childhood Care Center, 1984
University Counseling Center, 1984
Give United Way, undated

Black World Newsletter, memorial Herdy Micou, 1977
"University Keeps a Date with Destiny," Three Village Herald, 21 September 1977
"Firemen Describe Health Tower Safety" Three Village Herald, 21 September 1977
"No Towering Inferno' Here," Three Village Herald, 21 September 1977
"Campus, Community Find Peace," Newsday, 16 October 1977
"Face Lifted, SUSB Begins Anew," The Port Jefferson Record, 15 September 1977
"The Three Villages and SUSB: A New Neighbor Policy," Three Village Herald, 14 December 1977
"Town-Gown Links on the Upswing," Three Village Herald, 14 December 1977
"Long Island Center Groundbreaking (photo clipping donated by Adelaide Silkworth, 2004)," source unknown, circa 1960

Box 2

Student Activities
Speakeasy (late 1960s/early 1970s)
Moon Mood (late 1960s/early 1970s)
Steve Post and Marshall Effron (late 1960s/early 1970s)
All Nite Concert (late 1960s/early 1970s)
Good Mood (late 1960s/early 1970s)
Roth coffee House (late 1960s/early 1970s)
"Don't Bank on America" film, 1970
Commuter Fest BBQ, 1975 (4)
Rok'n Ragihnn, 1975
Disco Delight, 1978
Winter Fest, 1978
Caribbean Student Party, 1983
College Bowl, 1983
Freshman Party, 1983 (2)
Latin Weekend, 1983
Big Brother Big Sister, 1985
Opening Week Activities, 1987
Spotlight (calendar of events), 1987, 1983
Culture Fest, 1988
Diversity of Religions, 1988
SAB, undated
"How are we doing?," undated
Beer Blast, undated
Israel Independence Day, undated
"The Voice" of Student Activities (calendar of events) (6 posters), undated
Grand Finale (calendar of events), undated
Theatre Trip, undated
Jewish Exploration Workshops, undated
Treasure Hunt, undated
Valentine Weekend Special, undated

Campus Activities
Recognition Night, 1975?
Alumni Weekend, 1976, 1978
Intern Day, 1976
Graduate University Reception, 1979
Orientation leaders, 1983
Furniture Expo, 1985
ICON, 1985, 1988
Community Partnership Day, 1991
Faculty/Staff Spring Dance, 1991
Homecoming, 1984, 1992
Leaves & Litter Festival, Apple Festival, 1995
Women's History Month
Walking Tour of University Exhibits
Invitation to Musicians
University Club Lunch Menu

Continuing Education

Programs and departments
Study Abroad
Career, testing, scheduling

Lectures and Conferences
What Happens when you get busted? (late 1960s/early 1970s)
War Tax Resistance (late 1960s/early 1970s)
Nuclear Weapons (late 1960s/early 1970s)
Clinical Social Conferences, 1977-1979
Parents and Children, 1977
Kevin M. Cahill M.D., "A Responsible Health Policy for New York State," March 1978
Women as Active Participants in Healthcare, April 1978
Conference on Food, Poverty & Health, May 1978
"Evolutionary Theory: Some Ramifications," May 1978
Aran F. J. Artibise, "Some Comparisons between W. Canadian & S. American Cities," May 1978
Topics in Art, 1978
Future of Women in Science, 1978 (6)
Philosophy from Abroad: Wolfe Mayo and Jean-Pierre Ley Vraz, 1978
Department of Microbiology, 1978
Jack Newfield, 1978
Life Science Lecture Series, Spring 1979
History: Critique & Text, 1979
Medieval Studies Conference April 1979
"Myth & Reality in Manon Lescaut," May 1979
Faith in Buddhism, May 1979
The Woman's Place, 1979
Super gravity Workshop, September 1979
Kafka & the Modern Novel, February 1981
Arms Control, Disarmament and Peace Studies Resource Center, November 1982
Dr. Philip Morissa, November 1982
Program in Remembrance of the Holocaust, April 1983
Amiri Baraka, April 1983
No First Use of Nuclear Weapons, April 1983
Marxist Leninist Revolutionary Theory, April 1983
G. Ledyard Stebbins, May 1983
Mary McCarthy, May 1983
"Frontiers of Human Gene Therapy," May 1983
Religious Studies and the Humanities: The Text and its Interpretation, May 1983
"Asediosa," Gabriel Garcia Marquez, December 1983
Wednesdays at Noon, Department of Engineering, 1984
Stress Management, March 1984
Question of Academic Freedom, May 1984
"The Molecular Basis of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Human Disease," May 1984
Physics of Nuclear Weapons Control, 1985
Revolution in Fringe Benefits, 30 April 1985
Health Careers Conference, 1986
Bryan Floyd, 1986
SUNY Women, 1986
Poetry Center, 1987
The Struggle Continues, October 1987
Robert Hughes, 7/88
Maya Angelou, New Student Convocation, August 1988
"Censorship/Where are the Boundaries?," 28 September 1988
University Convocation, 1988-1989
Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, April 1989
Hans Namuth, July 1989
Earth Day, 1990
Dr. Alfred P. Wolf, May 1990
War in the Middle East, 1991
Dr. Ahmed H. Zewail, March 1991
Jonathan Kozol, September 1991
Dr. Paul Wender, April 1993
"Academic Freedom and Jewish Sensibilities," Jacob Javits "US Role in Central America & Lebanon," "Energy Crisis & Utility Regulation, undated
Karl Hess undated
Women Succeed Now, undated
Robert Denn Warren, undated
Panel of Law Students, undated
Nature of Physical Laws, undated
New Trends in Puerto Rican Historiography, undated
Energy Planning for the Developing Nation
America's Energy Census, undated
Private Press & New Writing, Walter S. Hamady

Campus Awareness
Bible Prophecy Film, 1969
Film Revolution Theatre, 1969
Department of Public Safety, 1970s
Bomb Scare, 1970
Spring Anti War Games, 1971
Bike Registration, 1977
Vote, 1978
No Smoking, 1979
Women against Rape, 1979
Gay Phone, 1983
NYPIRG, 1983
Awareness of Substance Abuse, 1983
March on Washington, 12 November 1984
FSA Buster, 1984
Equal Opportunity, 1984
Buckle Up, 1984
Town Meeting, 1984
Mural Design, 1986
Alcohol & Drug Awareness Week 86-89 and calendar
Blood Donor, 1988
University Police, 1992
Don't Get Burned, undated
Voter Registration, undated
SB Campus & Community bumper stickers
Diversity Themes
Sexual Harassment Workshop
H.E.L.P. (Higher Education Liquidation Protest), undated
Campus Energy Consumption, undated

Campus Announcements

Camper for sale
Asian Students Association Meeting
Hebrew Hall
Campus tuition
Student phone directories
Building closed
WUSB radio (3)
Ambulance meeting
Book sale (2)
Library hours, 1987 (3)

Box 3
Beijing Modern Dance Company in Rear Light, 4 February 2005
Department of Recreation Wellness Center, undated
2004-2005 Intramural Sports Calendar, 2004-2005
A Movie Lover's Dozen Staller Center for the Arts, October-November
Provost Lecture Series: Inclusively and Excellence in Science and Engineering Education: Stony Brook University as a Rising Star (2 copies), 23 September 2004
The Humanities Institute at Stony Brook Presents Public Feelings/Affective Difference: A Conference on Ethnicity and Emotion, September 30-October 1, 2004
The Humanities Institute at Stony Brook Presents Feminism, Film, and Culture: A Symposium, 14 October 2004
Campus Map "WUSB-AM will broadcast opening week information on an ongoing basis from 8am-4pm on Monday September 2 and Tuesday September 3"(5 copies), undated
2003 Wellness Expo, October 8- 9, 2003
Alumni Weekend 2003 Planet Stony Brook, June 6-8, 2003
Staller Center for the Arts Calendar of Events, Fall 2002
A Symposium in honor of George Williams Professor Emeritus, Department of Ecology and Evolution, 24 April ?
Senior Calendar, 2004
Wolfstock Homecoming, October 18, 2003
"To Sing, To Dance, To Live." Indian Popular Cinema, March 2, 9, 16, 23, 2004
Loida Nicolas Lewis: Why Should Guys Have All The Fun?, undated
My Heart is in the East Celebrating Asian Jewish Cultures, 4 March 2004
Building a Dream: The Stony Brook House 2004, 2004
Stony Brook Day in Albany (6 copies), 1 March 2005
Stony Brook Celebrates a Golden Year, 2002 (?)
The Art of Taiko Contemporary Music Meets Traditional Japanese Drumming, undated
Diversity Conference 2002, 6 December 2002
Alumni Weekend 2003, June 6-June 8, 2003
Student Arts Festival, April 2-12, 2003
A Memorial Honoring Marvin Kuschner, MD, 3 March 2003
Jacques Derrida: The World of Enlightenment to Come: Sovereignty, Exception, Calculability, 24 October 2002
University Lectures on Globalization Ahmad Kamal, "The Role of the United Nations in a Globalized World," 12 December 2002
Robert Bly, 7 February 2003
The Night Abraham Called to the Stars: An Evening of Poetry with Robert Bly presented by the Protestant Campus Ministry (2 copies), February 7
Prime Time Major and Minor Fair, 30 April 2003
Asian American Film Series: Situating Asian America, March 27-May 1, 2003
Stony Brook Through My Eyes: Unseen Views of Stony Brook Campus Culture, April 24-May 8, 2003
New Faculty Reception (cancelled), 29 October 2003
Stony Brook Day in Albany, 26 February 2002
From Rags to Riches: The New York Book Trade in the New Republic 1735-1835, A Lecture by Hendrik Edelman, undated
Sugar Ray at the Sports Complex Arena, 16 October 2001
The Comedy Brunch Series, February 18, March 5, April 7, May 5 2005?
Chill Fest 2005 (2 copies), January/February 2005
Stony Brook University West Campus Library Hours, 19 December 2004-23 January 2005 Films for Campus and Community, Spring 2005
Stony Brook University poster board, exhibit board (1-7)

Box 4: Broadsides
Stony Brook University poster board, exhibit board (8-14)

Box 5: Artifacts
Sunwood fire: bricks from the exterior of the house, 1986

Box 6
Stony Brook University button down dress shirt with campus logo, undated

Box 7
ALS Ride for Life t-shirt, 2001

Box 8
Planet Stony Brook T-shirt, 2003

Box 9
Wolfstock, Homecoming Weekend T-shirt, October 19, 2002

Box 10

Wolfstock, Homecoming Weekend T-shirt, 2003

Box 11

Wolfstock, Homecoming Weekend T-shirt, 2004

Box 12
WUSB-25, 1977-2002 T-shirt, 2002

Box 13
Green Team T-shirt, 2002

Box 14
Habitat for Humanity T-shirt, 2003

Box 15
Stony Brook 30 Years T-shirt, 1992

Box 16
Cultural Festival '93, SUNY at Stony Brook T-shirt, 1993

Box 17
Big Wheel T-shirt, undated (2 items)

Box 18
University Salutes the Village Hall T-shirt, 6 April 1999

Box 19
40th Anniversary display panels, 1 April 1998

Box 20
60th Anniversary Melville Heritage display panels, 6 April 1999

Box 21
30th Anniversary Vinyl Banners, 1987 (4 items)
USB Paper bumper sticker, mounted on blue board, undated
Stony Brook University 30th Anniversary bumper sticker, mounted on blue board, 1987
WUSB 90.1 FM, self-sticking window sticker, mounted on blue board, undated
WUSB 90.1 FM, Radio Free Long Island, white with portrait of woman bumper sticker, mounted on blue board, undated
WUSB 90.1 FM, Radio Free Long Island bumper sticker, mounted on blue board, undated

Box 22
"This Country Belongs to Us," phone magnet, undated
Student Health Center/Choice Center mini first aid kit, undated (2 items)
Office of commuter Student services plush, key chain, undated
Office of commuter Student services, key chain, undated (2 items)
Stony Brook University Libraries magnet paperclip, 2002
September 11, 2001 Memorial ribbon
Campus catering specialty chocolate wrapper
Planet Stony Brook wrist band ID, 2003
Wolfstock 2004 wrist band ID, 2004
Student Health Services Clinitemp Oral Thermometer, undated
L.I. Technology Hall of Fame badge, 2003
Campus card wallet, undated
Alumni Association key chain, undated
University police key chain, undated
Stony Brook book mark, undated
School of Health Technology and Management, Health Center flashlight, undated
40th Anniversary flashlight, 27 April 1998
Stony Brook commencement pin, 1979
Mary Baker Eddy exhibition pin, undated
Office of Admissions pen
Alumni Association pen
Special Collections pencils
Alumni Association notebook, undated
Alumni Association CD case, undated

Box 23
40th Anniversary helium balloons

Box 24
Field House Cornerstone, paperweight, 29 September 1988
LI State Veterans Home Ground Breaking, paperweight, 10 November 1987
Staller Center for the Arts: A Tribute to Max and Mary Staller from their family, paperweight, 1988
Ground Breaking State University College of LI paperweight, 8 April 1960
SB Alumni: A piece of the Bridge to Nowhere, dedicated fall 1977, undated
USB University Medical Center, Stony Brook, undated
Dedication of the Boathouse: An Experimental MSW Ash Block Building, 2 October 1990

Box 25
"Alumni Always," brick
Staller Plaza. brick, summer 2004 (prior to renovation)

Box 26

Distinguished Alumni Awards Ceremony gift bag, 2002

Box 27

Need Money? Career Center Summer Job Expo piggybank, 2003
USB 101 Instructor's tote bag, undated
Summer Session Erasable Message Board with felt pen, undated

Box 28: Artifacts donated by alumna Phyllis Wilensky

Governor Rockefeller at a groundbreaking (27 October 1966), mini-gold shovel
Butter knife from Oyster Bay campus dining hall (used by male students to wedge doors shut on fellows as prank), undated
Pirate's Treasure Chest key from Fourth Annual Spring Fair, undated
SUSB Frosh Preserver (Welcome Guide), 1964
Greeting from SUNY-Stony Brook card
"Hi! My Name is" pin, undated
Carnival '66 pin, 1966
State University of New York, 1948 memorial plate
Student Registration Card, 1960-1961

Box 29: Artifacts

Waves of Change: State University of New York Librarians Association (SUNYLA) Conference welcome kit, June 4-6, 2003

Box 30
Open House: SUNY at Stony Brook, 5"x12"x12"

Box 31
Stony Brook infant cheerleader onesie

Box 32

Polish porcelain plate gift for the President, 29 April 1981
"Wooden face" showpiece
Wooden tray
"Road to nowhere" notepad
Blue Stony Brook tie
Stony Brook decal
Stony Brook weekly pocket planner
Taejon Expo spoon set
Stony Brook vehicle number plate
Taejon Expo wooden plaque

Box 33

"Walk the Walk," Biomedical Engineering white cotton t-shirt
Science Education Center white cotton t-shirt
White Stony Brook collared t-shirt
UC San Diego Warren College maroon t-shirt
International Student Organization Flags, t-shirt (2 items)
Seawolves inaugural basketball game white t-shirt, 23 November 1999
Black Stony Black Career Center collared t-shirt

Box 34

Stony Brook Golf Classic t-shirt
Red wolf stock t-shirt, 2005
Stony Brook University Wall Street Day t-shirt

Box 35

Stony Brook University  - College of Information and Technology white t-shirt with black print
Maroon Stony Brook University shirt
Red Stony Brook University shirt
Stony Brook University Seawolves conference, t-shirt, 31 January 2001
White IMAX t-shirt
Stony Brook University Film Festival blue t-shirt
Black IAPL 2000 t-shirt

Box 36

Fluorescent green safety warden jacket
Grey Stony brook overalls
Blue denim Stony Brook shirt
Red Stony Brook basketball shorts

Box 37
Blue denim Stony Brook shirt
White cotton Stony Brook International Academic programs
Black cotton Stony Brook International Academic programs
Wolfstock 2006 red t-shirt
Wolfstock 2004 white t-shirt
Stony Brook University Libraries red shirt

Box 38

Stony Brook University grey golf classic t-shirt
Stony Brook Information and Technological Studies, black t-shirt
Stony Brook blue t-shirt
Long Island Group Advancing Science Education blue t-shirt, 2005
BioPrep 2004 Stony Brook University white t-shirt
Stony Brook University red t-shirt
Stony Brook University grey t-shirt

Box 39

Stony Brook University hooded poncho
Stony Brook University, College of Information and Technology, white t-shirt with black print
White Long Island Group Advancing Science Education (LIGASE), white t-shirt
Maroon Stony Brook University shirt
Purple Stony Brook University foreign students office, orientation team t-shirt, fall 1991
Stony Brook University black t-shirt
Stony Brook  University red cotton collared t-shirt
Stony Brook University Alpha Tao Freshmen Honor society, white cotton t-shirt

Box 40

MSW Ashblock building memorabilia stone, October 2, 1990
Three Village Soccer Park Dedication Wood piece, June 2, 1996
Cornerstone Ceremony memorabilia of the Collaborative BioAlliance at Stony Brook, 10 February 1995

Box 41

BN, memorabilia, wood block
Istanbul Technical University, glass block
Opportunity award glass plaque – Dr Shirley Strum Kenny, 2 October 1992

Box 42

Paul Simons Memorial Bicycle Path Celebration Congratulatory Certificate, 16 October 1998
1999 Suffolk County Women's Hall of Fame Award, Shirley Strum Kenny, 25 March 1999
Chinese photo frame

Box 43

Pink flip-flops
Black silk scarf (2 items)
Blue silk scarf
Blue silk tie

Box 44

Crime Stoppers award, Shirley Strum Kenny, 12 October 2000

Box 45

One red brick from Sunwood Estate fire, Old Field, New York

Box 46

Two blue silk Stony Brook graduation hoods

Box 47

Long Island Newsday blue feather pen
Wood pen stand with clock
Kookmin University digital clock
Stony Brook quartz digital clock
Stony Brook Rubik's Cube style artifacts

Box 48

Appreciation certificate to "Office of the Provost" for 1st annual jazz festival, 27 April 2000
Graduation photograph montage

Box 49

University seal embosser

Box 50

Red Stony Brook University plastic glass
Steel Stony Brook University mug

Box 51

Metal artifacts
White Stony Brook University coffee mug
Red Stony Brook University name tag thread
Blue leather Stony Brook University keychain
Gold keychain
Gold Stony Brook University pin

Box 52

Blue porcelain Stony Brook University Hospital coffee mug
Stony Brook University beer mug
White marble lion pair decorative

Box 53

Boathouse ashblock building block memoir
1994 "Visit Korea" memoir pins (2 boxes)
Metal golden Stony Brook University visiting card case
Nanjing university golden metal tie pin
Chinese lacquer plate decorative
Robert L. McGrath, gift box

Box 54

Steel Stony Brook University coffee flask
Red plastic Stony Brook University water bottle

Box 55

Crystal quartz clock (2 items)
Expo 1993, crystal, decorative
Expo 1993, Taejon Korea medallion
Golden metallic Stony Brook University cufflinks
Silver paper wrapped gift box
Blue Golden gift set (pen, keychain, tie-pin)
Silver Stony Brook University, Cross pen
Expo 1993 – Taiwanese hanging decorative
Golden metal Stony Brook University keychain

Box 56

Stony Brook University Rubik's Cube style pamphlet
Stony Brook University Alumni commemorative stone block
Golden medallion, 1990
Nanjing University medallion
Dongkuk University medallion
Stony Brook University cards
Stony Brook University star-shaped stress ball
Message-in-a-bottle decoration
Tsinghua University decoration

Box 57

Stony Brook University coffee mug, pair
Stony Brook University tall slim glass
Stony Brook University glass

Box 58
Taiwan coins gift box
Golden metal lucky charm
Ajou University metal spoons
Silk wrapped gift box
Miniature turtle ship decorative

Box 59

Red plastic Stony Brook University helmet

Box 60

Doll in Polish costume

Box 61

Korean traditional mask decorative
Stony Brook University Homecoming walk/run, 1999
Stony Brook University Ambulatory Care pavilion ground breaking memoir, 14 September 2004
Dr. Shirley Strum Kenny, Heritage Partner Award, 4 June 1999
Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer research fund Crystal Star (2 items)

Box 62

New York BPAA Fall Marketing Award conference, 1988
Ad Altiora Semper, Chiba University
Three Village Soccer Club Clubhouse dedication crystal ball, 11 June 2000 (2 items)
Citibank 1990, Award of Excellence

Box 63

WUSB black coffee mug, 1977-1987
WUSB blue coffee mug, April 1990
Maroon WUSB coffee mug, 1997
Stony Brook Southampton white coffee mug
SeaGrant NY white coffee mug
Stony Brook University white coffee mug
Hispanic Heritage month white coffee mug, October 2002
Stony Brook University blue coffee mug
Stony Brook University blue Seawolves coffee mug
Stony Brook University white coffee mug, 40th Anniversary
Stony Brook University white coffee mug, Class of 2007
Super Gravity at 25, Stony Brook University white coffee mug
Red Stony Brook University Alumni coffee mug pair
Stony Brook University red Seawolves coffee mug

Box 64

Ajou University Honorary Ph.D. Degree for Shirley Strum Kenny
Shirley Strum Kenny: wall hanging
Shirley Strum Kenny: recognition wooden plaque, China US University President forum
Shirley Strum Kenny: hall of fame induction for cultural diversity, affirmative actions, cultural pluralism and civil rights, 22 February 1999
Shirley Strum Kenny: person of the year award for contribution to Long Island small business community, 1998
Shirley Strum Kenny: award for contribution to Indian American affairs in United States

Box 65

band-aid case
Stony Brook Union blank business cards
name tags (2 items)
pins (14 items)
Stony Brook University Police keychain
orange plastic pen
3-sided marker
transparent plastic pen (2 items)
retiree pen set
red pencil
silver pencil
bookmarks (2 items)
Aleph 17 (library online catalog), sponge miniature computer (2 items)
name tag thread
Roth Pond Regatta medal

Box 66

Chinese stamp memorabilia
WUSB 25th Anniversary Appreciation Award plaque, July 2002
School of Nursing "Certificate of Appreciation" to Robert McGrath, December 2002
Musical Score gifted to President Marburger, December 1984
Korean hand fan
Employee Assistance Program red sponge (6 items)
Kinkos pen (2 items)
Kinkos post-it notepads (2 items)
Band-aid strip packs (6 items)
Black and gold pens (3 items)
White wolfie pen (2 items)
White and red pencil (2 items)
Purple "Catholic Campus Ministry" pen
Alumni association phone book
Kinkos keychain
"Catholic Campus Ministry" keychain

Box 67

2008 Black History Month poster (4 items)
2008 Black History Month leaflet (2 items)
2008 Black History Month button
red blue Seawolves triangular banner (2 items)
black yellow Seawolves triangular banner
dark blue Seawolves triangular banner
white plastic bag (5 items)
white bookstore plastic bag (4 items)
white alumni cloth bag
Red and white Stony Brook University cloth bag (2 items)
red and yellow "Pride Patrol" cotton bag (2 items)
Staller Center cloth bag
cloth bag
green cloth bag (2 items)
Career Center brochure
Marine and Atmospheric Sciencea brochure
meteorology club leaflet
Student Commuter Services leaflet
"Walk in the Woods" leaflet (2 items)
School of Professional Development leaflet
red sticker
marching band leaflet
Commuter Spring Fest leaflet
Roth Pond regatta leaflet
Marine sciences research center clip
Wildflower seeds
Stony Brook University "ecology and evolution" brochure and leaflets

Box 68

proclamation of 50th anniversary
50th Anniversary invitation packet
50th Anniversary poster
50th Anniversary invitation cards
50th Anniversary  Southampton campus proclamation
50th Anniversary New York State Assembly citation
30 years celebration sticker
tabletop advertisement boards (4 items)
Seawolves poster
Homecoming 2008 poster
online program poster
Teknik University tie
Doleda university tie
Seoul National University tie
Teknik University tie
Nanjing University tie
Stony Brook University red blue cloth wall hanging
Stony Brook Southampton blue triangular banner
Stony Brook University red white triangular banner
Stony Brook University red white cloth bag
University of Wisconsin Madison yellow cloth bag, 1999
McGill University Quebec yellow cloth bag, 1995
Long Island head injury association cloth bag
Bremen University photobook

Box 69 

white frisbee
yellow frisbee
white bookshelf magnets
Seawolves sticker page
buttons (7 items)
metal paper clip
red leather ID holder
decals (3 items)
Stony Brook University mouse pad
Stony Brook University name tag
dollar bill imitation card
red and white name tag
2007 academic planner
2007-2008 academic planner
pewter magnet
maroon miniature sweatshirt
Southampton sticker
SOMAS plastic pen

Box 70

Stony Brook University Black History Month wine glass
Taejon Expo miniature mascot
Chon nam National University memento

Box 71

Stony Brook University red fleece blanket
Blue baseball cap with red and white lettering, reading, "Stony Brook"
Red baseball cap with black brim and blue and white Stony Brook logo, featuring a depiction of a growling Seawolf
Red baseball cap in breathable 'A-Flex' material with black brim and blue and white Stony Brook logo with a growling Seawolf

Box 72

Korean Hahoe Byeolsin Exorcism Mask
Silver colored key ring and business card pocket case, featuring enameled nature scenes in gold and black coloring
Handmade Korean traditional lacquered inlaid mother-of-pearl Najeonchilgi
"Paper Cut in China" (Facial Makeup of Peking Opera) kit
"A Precious Scenery Stamp Album: Picturesque and Supernatural Guangxi"
Chinese picture book, featuring Chinese water colors, 2004
Silver Medal from Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi (Middle East Technical University)
Red and White gold fringed miniature banner from Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi (Middle East Technical University)
"Beauty of Shi Ku Men" (2 items), red and gold shadowbox case, interior scene depicting the South Yangzi River Area in colored miniature relief
Framed colored picture of the "South Yangzi River Area" (11"x11")

Box 73
White hard hat from the Charles B. Wang Center groundbreaking, undated
White hard hat with Seawolves logo from Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium groundbreaking, undated

Box 74
Polish Peoples Republic doll box, presented to the University on behalf of the Polish Peoples Republic, October 1975
Black cast miniature (desktop) Chinese Dragon Gong, undated

Box 75

CIT 2004 Stony Brook attendees gift backpack and welcome pack, containing coffee mug, zippered pen holder, conference brochures and agenda, 2004
Black nylon bag with white lettering, reading "Biotechnology: A New York State Center for Advanced Technology"

Box 76
Portrait of President John Toll framed in ornate gold leaf, 17"x 11," (2 items), undated

Box 77
"Spring '82 Rally at Stony Brook" Protesting Regan's Budget Cuts for Educational Aid, Fine Arts Plaza, 14 April 1982
"Residence Life", July 1985
"Eros (er-os), n. 1: Education and Research on Sexuality…" SUNY at Stony Brook Eros, 1985
"Stony Brook Theater Festival Summer 1985" Department of Theater Arts, August 1985

Box 78
Brick from the interior of the Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library, Circulation Department, Third Floor

Box 79

Nassau-Suffolk Hospital "TR Award," 2006
Gold clock engraved, Dr. Shirley Strum Kenny
The Great Knights' "Sword in Stone Award," 28 February 2004

Box 80

"Life at…Stony Brook" Copel, Ken, May 1984
"Opening Week Activities Planning Committee, August 1986
"The International Theater Festival," Fine Arts Center, 1987
"International Theater Festival," Fine Arts Center, June 8, 1987
"Eros: Education and Research on Sexuality… Stony Brook, NY" Eros, 1987
"Opening Week Activities," Department of Student Union and Activities, Fall 1988
"International Theater Festival 88" Fine Arts Center, 1988
Chinese Association of Stony Brook, 21 June 1989
"Orientation Team," Foreign Student Office, SUNY at Stony Brook, Fall 1992

Box 81
Sledgehammer used by President John Toll at the opening of the "Bridge to Nowhere" in 1977. Painted gold to commemorate the event.

Box 82
Plaques originally placed below the official portrait paintings of university presidents John S. Toll and John H. Marburger, III in the Melville Library.

Box 83
Assorted pins and buttons received from Jerry Stein, Dean of Students, September 2014.

Box 84
Memorabilia commemorating the opening of Amazon@Stony Brook: November 4, 2016.