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Thursday 24 @ 3:30 PM:LACS Book Talks: Laurie Lambert

Monday, September 28, 1pm: LARTIVISM: LACS Discussions and Exhibitions on Latin/o American Artivism; Carlos Martiel (Performance Artist), Axis of Conflict  

Monday 29 @1PM: LACS Graduate Zoom Brown Bag Lunch: Mario Henao



Wednesday, October 7, 4pm:  Book Presentation by Eric Zolov; The Last Good Neighbor: Mexico in the Global Sixties (Duke UP, 2020) Discussants: Patrick Iber (University of Wisconsin at Madison) and Mary Kay Vaughan (University of Maryland)

Thursday, October 8 @ 4:30pm : LACS Faculty talks; Aurélie Vialette (Hispanic Languages and Literature), “From Penal Colony to Colonial Village: the Protection of Race, Family and the Promise for a Renewed Empire

Thursday, October 15, 4:30pm: LACS Ciclo de Chile 2020. "Estallidos sexuales y feminismo disidente en el Sur: Queering The Chilean Way"

Register HERE to attend.

Thursday October 22, 4:30pm: CuCa: Cuir Caribbean Voices/Voces Cuir del Caribe

Yaissa Jiménez (República Dominicana), Johan Mijail (República Dominicana), Ángel Antonio Ruiz (Puerto Rico) y Juan de Dios Sánchez (Colombia). Moderated by Mario Henao, PhD student (Hispanic Languages and Literature, SUNY Stony Brook).  




Thursday, November 5, 3pm

Greater Left/Greater Caribbean: Undertheorized Radical Movements in the Archipelago   

Jorell Meléndez Badillo (Dartmouth College, History), “Following the Revolution: The Transregional Activism of Blanca and Juan Moncaleano”

Wednesday, November 11, 1pm

LACS Graduate Zoom Brown Bag Lunch

Zinnia Capó Valdivia (History), “El más espantoso de los pulpos sociales: Anti-vice education in the Mexican classroom, 1905-1915” 

Thursday, November 12, 3pm

Greater Left/Greater Caribbean: Undertheorized Radical Movements in the Archipelago   

Cristina Pérez Jiménez (Manhattan College), “Logics of Empire: The Latino Left, Hispanist Center, and the Spanish Civil War in New York”

Tuesday, November 17, 4:30pm

LACS Faculty Book Discussion

Javier Uriarte (Hispanic Languages and Literature), author of The Desertmakers: Travel, War, and the State in Latin America in conversation with Jennifer French (Williams College) and Ronald Briggs (Barnard College).

Wednesday, November 18, 1pm

LACS Graduate Zoom Brown Bag Lunch

Ennis Addison (Hispanic Languages and Literature), “Why Not the Private Eye: The role of the policeman and the State in Chester Himes’ Blind Man with a Pistol and Leonardo Padura’s Paisaje de Otoño” 

Thursday, November 19, 3pm

LACS Book Discussion

The Young Lords: A Radical Conversation. Greater Left/Greater Caribbean: Undertheorized Radical Movements in the Archipelago:

Johanna Fernández (CUNY, Baruch), author of The Young Lords: A Radical History (The University of North Carolina Press, 2019) in conversation with Urayoán Noel (New York University) 


Wednesday, December 2, 12pm

LACS Graduate Zoom Brown Bag Lunch

Javier Gastón Greenberg (Hispanic Languages and Literature), “Hero Genesis and Its Crisis: Cuban Comics Inside and Outside the Revolution”

Thursday, December 3, 4:30pm

CuCa: Cuir Caribbean Voices/Voces Cuir del Caribe

A Conversation with contemporary queer Caribbean writers

Moderated by Mario Henao 



See here our new calendar for Spring 2020!


See here América Invertida's Spring calendar


Tuesday 25: LACS Brown Bag Lunch: Matías Hermosilla

Wednesday 26: LACS Talk: Ana Sánchez Trolliet (Universidad de San Martín, Argentina) 


March kicks off with LACS’s Ciclo de Chile 2020: a series of panels, talks, roundtables and screenings. Distinguished Chilean activists, emerging scholars from Chile and Stony Brook’s faculty and graduate students will engage with the recent wave of protests in Chile unleashed in October 2019. Thousands of people took to the streets to reject the neoliberal policies of President Sebastián Piñera, laying bare the persistent inequalities of Chilean society and demanding immediate change. Events will run from March through May.

Monday 2nd: LACS Talk: Ximena Espeche (Universidad de Buenos Aires-CONICET)

Thursday 5 & Friday 6: Symposium on Visual Culture and Textuality in Colonial Spanish America 

Monday 9th @12pm: LACS Brown Bag Lunch: Sara Martínez Navarro

Monday 9th @6pm: What's Going on in the Dominican Republic?

Wednesday 11: Fernando Degiovanni. Book discussion.

Thursday 12: Ciclo Chile 2020: Conversation with Chilean Poet Micaela Paredes (América Invertida series "Pido la palabra") (Cancelled)

Thursday 12: América Invertida Poetry & Translation Workshop Series (Cancelled)

Monday 23:  Ciclo Chile 2020 with Eric Zolov and and Terri Gordon-Zolov (Postponed)


Wednesday 1st: Jorge Brioso. Book discussion.

Monday 6: Estallidos sexuales en el Sur: Queering the Chilean Way (Rescheduled)


Monday 20: Ciclo Chile 2020 with Ángeles Donoso and César Barros (Postponed)

Wednesday 22: Ciclo Chile 2020 with Matías Hermosilla 

Monday 27: Ciclo Chile 2020: Conversation with Chilean poet Héctor Hernández Montecinos (Cancelled)


May 29: Conversation with Elvira Espejo Ayca