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Demi Guo awarded 2017 Wall Street Journal Fellowship

This year’s winner of the Marie Colvin/Wall Street Journal Fellowship goes to Demi Guo, a graduating senior, who has demonstrated her deep interest in international reporting and in breaking down cultural barriers. As a child in Flushing, one of the most diverse communities in the world, she grew up speaking both English and Mandarin; she also speaks German fluently and can converse in Japanese. She has traveled extensively in China, her family’s ancestral homeland. Those journeys will help her this summer as she reports for the Wall Street Journal’s Hong Kong bureau.

There’s no better explanation for why this young woman was selected for the Colvin Fellowship than these words from an essay she included with her application:

“…The United States is deeply intertwined with the world around it, and its media does not reflect this enough. It is not that the United States does not cover international news; it is that it does not emphasize it enough … This lack of focus leads to ignorance. … Thorough coverage with real understanding is what we need. The media could be doing so much better for its people. It could be doing so much more… “

The Wall Street Journal is proud of its history of international coverage and maintains a staff of more than 400 journalists outside the United States. Founded in 1889, the Journal is America’s largest newspaper by paid circulation with more than 2.2 million print and digital subscribers.

“We are happy to have Demi Guo of Stony Brook join our Beijing bureau this summer and look forward to her contributions,” said Christine Glancey, a deputy managing editor at the Journal. “The Marie Colvin/Wall Street Journal Fellowship is a wonderful opportunity to invest in the next generation of international reporters and a special tribute to Ms. Colvin and her legacy of excellence in the field.”

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