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Xia Zheng, PhD

Assistant Professor

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Xia ZhengXia Zheng, a mass communication scholar and educator, is an assistant professor at the School of Communication and Journalism and the Alda Center for Communicating Science. He is the 2023 recipient of the Annie Lang Dissertation Award from the International Communication Association.

Xia's research focuses on the effects of mediated and interpersonal communication on health behaviors in the new media ecology. He is particularly interested in developing and evaluating communication-based interventions to positively change behaviors.

He has published papers about how media use influences health behaviors, including e-cigarette use and Covid-19 vaccination. His work has been published in a variety of peer-reviewed publications, including Health Communication, The Social Science Journal, Politics and the Life Sciences and Frontiers in Psychology.

A former journalist, Zheng has taught undergraduate courses in media technology and behavior, advertising, strategic communication, television production and design and communication theory. 

He holds a PhD from Indiana University-Bloomington. 

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