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Brenda Hoffman, PhD

Assistant Professor of Practice

Graduate Programs Director

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Brenda MacArthur

Dr. Brenda Hoffman is an Assistant Professor of Practice in the School of Communication and Journalism.

She serves as the Graduate Program Director and Basic Course Director for Public Speaking. 

Much of Dr. Hoffman's work is translational and centered on the intersection of health and instructional communication to improve the quality and continuity of health care and improve health outcomes for patients and communities. As a communication researcher, her work explores topics such as learning and assessment, organizational socialization, interdisciplinary teams, health literacy, patient adherence, and communication motives.

She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in health and risk communication, team science, and research methods.

Dr. Hoffman holds a PhD in Health Communication from George Mason University, an MA in Communication Studies from Texas State University, and a BA in Communication from Bryant University.

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