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Graduation and Retention Rates

Full-Time, First-Time Undergraduate Students 

All Reports Summaries by Race/Ethnicity, Men and Women
All reports  |  Excel All Races/Ethnicities  |  Excel
  American Indian or Alaska Native  |  Excel
Retention Rates Asian or Pacific Islander  |  Excel
Retention rate to 2nd fall  |  Excel Black or African American  |  Excel
Retention rate to 3rd fall  |  Excel Hispanic or Latino  |  Excel
Retention rate to 4th fall  |  Excel White  |  Excel
  Two or More Races  |  Excel
Graduation Rates U.S. Nonresident  |  Excel
4-year graduation rate  |  Excel Race/Ethnicity Unknown  |  Excel
6-year graduation rate  |  Excel  
Summaries by Race/Ethnicity, Men Summaries by Race/Ethnicity, Women
All Races/Ethnicities  |  Excel All Races/Ethnicities  |  Excel
American Indian or Alaska Native  |  Excel American Indian or Alaska Native  |  Excel
Asian or Pacific Islander  |  Excel Asian or Pacific Islander  |  Excel
Black or African American  |  Excel Black or African American  |  Excel
Hispanic or Latino  |  Excel Hispanic or Latino  |  Excel
White  |  Excel White  |  Excel
Two or More Races  |  Excel Two or More Races  |  Excel
U.S. Nonresident  |  Excel U.S. Nonresident  |  Excel
Race/Ethnicity Unknown  |  Excel Race/Ethnicity Unknown  |  Excel
Other Reports  
Educational Opportunity Program  |  Excel  
Students Receiving Pell Grants  |  Excel  
Students not Receiving Pell Grants  |  Excel  
HEOA Disclosure  |  Excel  
Athletes Receiving Athletically Based Aid  
Student Achievement Measures (Hosted by APLU)                                                                


Need help interpreting graduation rates? See the explanatory brochure prepared by the National Center for Education Statistics.