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Mission, Vision and Goals


To collect, analyze, organize and communicate data and information to provide a valid, consistent, and accurate understanding of how the institution is advancing its mission in support of its vision to become a top ranked public research university.


To establish a world-class institutional research operation and institutional effectiveness system in support of the University’s mission.


  1. Data Management. Ensure data quality and availability.
  2. External Reporting & Accountability. Achieve 100% compliance with regulatory and other external reporting requirements.
  3. Decision Support & Internal Data Requests. Develop a culture that relies on evidence-based decision-making.
  4. Research. Conduct research to support significant institutional priorities.
  5. Institutional Effectiveness. Establish and maintain a multi-level institutional effectiveness system that promotes intentionality and deliberate improvement.
  6. Strategic Planning Support. Support strategic planning efforts through metrics development, measurement, communication of progress, and forecasting.