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Stony Brook Analytics

The Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness (IRPE) serves as the repository for official university statistics. In all instances, the University attempts to maintain consistency with what is reported to the U.S. Department of Education and the SUNY governing board. Differences are noted when reporting requirements diverge.

Stony Brook Analytics contains interactive dashboards that allow users to explore Stony Brook data. Access to Stony Brook Analytics is restricted. Watch the welcome video below for more information. Follow the links to explore dashboards and watch training videos on dashboard navigation, usage, and content. Use the link to take the University's Cyber Security training or view publicly available dashboards. For questions or requests, please contact the Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness.

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Admissions   Financial Aid
Admission Metrics   Undergraduate Financial Aid
Admissions Comparatives   Student Financial Aid, IPEDS
Freshman Admissions, IPEDS                                                                   
Admitted, Not Enrolled, NSC
  Graduate School
       Doctoral Dashboard
Courses and Credit Hours    
Credit Hours and Registrations   Graduation and Retention Rates
Registration Comparatives   Full-Time, First-Time
Registration Times and Locations   Graduation & Retention Rates (FTFT), IPEDS
Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC)   Cohort Status, NSC
Waitlist Dashboard   All Cohorts
Grade Dashboard   Junior Year
Degree Completions & Student Outcomes   Human Resources
Degree Completions   Employees
Degree Completions, IPEDS   Faculty, IPEDS
Undergraduate Time to Degree    
Completers Continuing Education, NSC   Rankings
Earnings, PSEO   International Rankings
Earnings & Debt, College Scorecard   US News and World Report
Program Earnings & Debt, College Scorecard    
Enrollment   Research Expenditures
Headcount Enrollment   Research, NSF HERD Survey
Enrollment Comparatives    
Fall Headcount Enrollment, IPEDS   Student Charges
Major Migration   Student Charges, IPEDS
Snapshot Comparison    
Student Advising Group   Surveys
Stony Brook Southampton   SUNY Student Opinion Survey
SUNY Korea