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Peer Mentoring Program

Peer Mentoring Program is offered by Office of Global Affairs.

What is Peer Mentoring Program?

  • Peer Mentoring Program is an international online mentoring community.
  • Stony Brook University is one of many institutions to provide support for new international students through mentorship.
  • The Peer Mentoring Program matches students with a trained alumni/current students mentor based on common interests, background, academics, and professional aspirations  


  • Mentors

    Program Information for Mentor Program    

    What is the International Student Peer Mentor Program?

    Peer Mentors are campus leaders who have demonstrated their commitment to diversity, recognize the contributions diversity brings to the work of the team, and dedicated to helping new international students have a good college experience. Peer mentors plays are a critical role in assisting new international student’s transition into the U.S. education system and Stony Brook University.

    Eligibility Requirements 

    • Must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.7 
    • Must complete at least 2 semesters at Stony Brook University. 
    • Must have a working knowledge of the services offered on campus and where to refer students for various queries.
    • Must be available to attend Peer Mentor training and meetings.
    • Must commit to the program for the full 2021-2022 academic year. 
    • Abide by a confidentiality agreement, maintaining confidentiality and respect for individual students' rights at all times.

    Preferred Qualifications

    • Strong interpersonal skills, especially when communicating with people from different cultural background
    • Strong desire to help new international students 
    • Self-motivation

    General Expectations

      • Paired with at least 3 mentees, and must commit to the program for the full 2021-2022 academic year. 
      • Must attend required training sessions.
      • Prompt response to all office communications (emails, Google Calendar invitations, etc.)
      • Available to communicate (phone, email, and/or in-person) with assigned new student mentees over summer 2021 and winter 2022, prior to their first semester, as well as throughout the remainder of the academic year.
      • If applied and selected as the Mentor Program Event Committee Member:        
        • Assist with preparation, face to face outreach, and facilitation of Peer Mentor Program Events (1 major event per semester).
        • Attend at least 3 major meetings in the semester regarding event planning with the Assistant Director. 

    Benefits of being a Peer Mentor

        • Hourly paid position.
        • Experience and development of the following core learning objectives and skillsets:
          • Cognitive Complexity: Critical Thinking, Reflective Thinking, Effective Reasoning, and CreativityExperience and development of the following core learning objectives and skillsets:
          • Interpersonal Competence: Develop Meaningful relationships, interdependence, collaboration, and effective leadership.
          • Practical Competence: Pursuing goals, communicating effectively, technical competence, managing personal affairs, demonstrating professionalism.
          • Intrapersonal Development
        • Networking with University staff, mentors, and mentees

    Apply to be a mentor

    The application and selection process for 2021 mentors is open.

    Apply Here


    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mentees

    What do mentors and mentees discuss?

    • How will my major impact my professional options?
    • How do I balance the demands of school, sleep, and socializing?
    • How can I set myself up for academic, social, and career success?
    • How do I make connections with peers and professional contacts?
    • How do I find jobs and internships as an international student?

    What are other Mentees saying about the experience?

    • "[My mentor] helped me answer the question of how to form strong relationships with my professors by giving me an actionable strategy to having strong purposeful visits to their office hours."
    • "I'm really excited to have someone there for me. It's nice knowing that I'm not completely alone and hopefully I can someone I can reach out to if I'm having a hard time in school or other activities."
    • "My mentor has been an amazing help in my life, he makes me realize and see things more clearly. Sometimes it's in front of your face but you can't see until someone puts into words for you."

    How do I apply?    

    The application process for mentees is currently closed for New International students starting in the Spring 2021 semester. 

    If you are looking for the Fall 2021 semester, please check back after May 2021.