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Stony Brook Institute at Anhui University (SBIAHU) is a joint academic institution established between Anhui University (AHU) and Stony Brook University (SBU).

Conceptualized in 2018, SBIAHU brings together the flagship universities of Anhui Province and New York State to form the first U.S.-China joint institute in Anhui Province.  SBIAHU capitalizes on the universities’ shared strengths in research and STEM disciplines and mutual connection to Anhui native and Stony Brook Professor Emeritus C.N. Yang (Nobel Laureate 1957) to develop globally competent graduates.

In 2020, SBIAHU opened its doors to its inaugural class, providing students with a dynamic global education that combines the teaching, curriculum, and research strengths of both AHU and SBU. The joint curriculum offers three undergraduate majors: Applied Physics, Applied Statistics, and Digital Media Technology.

Qualified students who are enrolled in programs offered by SBIAHU will study for the first three years at AHU and the fourth  year at SBU. Upon successful completion of their respective degree requirements, AHU and SBU will both grant a bachelor’s degree.

SBIAHU graduates will benefit from the unique academic experience that blends Chinese and U.S. perspectives into a world-class education, an internationally competitive skill set, and a degree from two leading global universities.