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OGA Strategic Plan


Serve as a National Model of Comprehensive Internationalization and Global Engagement
The Office of Global Affairs provides meaningful opportunities for students to interact with and experience people and cultures from around the world. In the near-term, OGA will work to:

Strengthen the position of OGA units

*  Promote Study Abroad to all student populations
*  Support and bolster Intensive English Center programs
*  Advocate for international students & scholars through Visa & Immigration Services

Focus on International Student Success

*  Expand the Peer Mentoring Program for international students
*  Increase engagement with other student service units
*  Support the Stony Brook Institute at Anhui University (SBIAHU)


Support, Enhance, and Advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts of Stony Brook University
Global Affairs affirms its support of Stony Brook University's mission to respect and value a broad range of backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences. OGA is committed to identifying new opportunities to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in international education.

Current Initiatives

*  International Education Week
Peer Mentoring Program
IAP Study Abroad and SUNY Diversity Abroad Scholarships
International Friends and Family Program
Global Student Ambassador Program