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Are campus-created items (tangible products) subject to the export regulations? 
Information (e.g. publications) 

The Fundamental Research Exclusion pertains to the "information" resulting from fundamental research project. It does not pertain to the tangible products resulting from the fundamental research projects.

Tangible Products (e.g. prototypes, materials, some software, genetically modified organisms)

Tangible products resulting from research need to be evaluated in accordance with the regulations to determine if an export license or documentation of an export license exception is required.    See Classification 

Transfer/Shipment of Campus Created Items

Review International Shipments and Transfer Guidance 

Other related University offices: 

Intellectual Property Partners (IPP). Campus created items  (e,g, prototypes, materials, some software, genetically modified organisms) resulting from research should be evaluated by OTLIR to determine if a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) should be utilized to protect university/faculty intellectual property and/or to prevent re-export (re-transfer) of material being shipped.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS). Materials, including biologics and chemicals, being shipped off of campus should be reviewed with the EHS to ensure proper handling of the material.