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Federal Export Control Regulations

Note: There are other agencies that have some export control authority such as U.S. Department of Energy, Center for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration, Drug Enforcement Agency, United States Department of Agriculture

International Traffic in Arms Regulations(ITAR)

International Traffic in Arms Regulations(ITAR)

  1. Authority
  2. ITAR Decision Trees (currently being updated by updated by Department of State)
  3. Quick Facts
  4. Policy on designating and determining defense articles and services (22 CFR § 120.3)
  5. ITAR Definitions
  6. United States Munitions List (USML) 22 CFR § 121
  7. Complete Versions of the ITAR and USML Regulations
Export Administration Regulations

Export Administration Regulations (EAR)

  1. Authority
  2. EAR Decision Trees
  3. Quick Facts
  4. EAR Definitions
  5. Commerce Control List (CCL) 15 CRF § 774 Supplement 1
  6. Complete Versions of the EAR and CCL Regulations
Nuclear Export Control Regulations

Nuclear Export Control Regulations

  1. Authority
  2. Quick Facts 10 CFR Part 810
  3. Quick Facts 10 CFR Part 110
  4. Complete Versions of the AFAEA and NRC Regulations
Foreign Asset Control Regulations (Embargo & Sanction Programs)

Foreign Assets Control Regulations

  1. Authority
  2. Cuba
  3. Iran
  4. Quick Facts
  5. Complete list off OFAC Sanction Programs and Complete Version of the FARC:
Anti-Boycott Regulations

Anti-Boycott laws are administered and enforced by the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry Security, under the “Restrictive Trade Practices and Boycotts” of the EAR (15 CFR Part 760) and by the Department of Treasury under the “Ribicoff Amendment” to the Tax Reform Act of 1976 adding §999 to the Internal Revenue Code.  Anti-Boycott regulations prohibit U.S. businesses from taking actions in support of unsanctioned foreign boycotts, including the Arab League’s boycott of Israel.  They also prevent U.S. persons from conducting business under terms that would restrict a person’s ability to do business with other countries under a boycott not recognized by the United States. 

Memo from US Department of Commerce:  Enhanced Enforcement of the Anti-boycott Rules, released October 6, 2022.