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International Shipments and Transfers
Information Needed to Conduct the Review

• What will be transferred or shipped to the international destination?

• Who will be receiving or using the exported item(s) or information?

• Where will the items or information be going (i.e., institution/company/organization, city and country)?

• Why are the items or information being exported (i.e., what will they be used for)?

• How long will the items be out of the United States? (All exports of information are treated as permanent exports)

• What is the value of the items or information you are shipping?

• Who does the information or item belong to and is their permission required for export?

How to Review your International Shipment or Transfer for Export Compliance

Before starting this process, please make sure that you do not need a third party’s permission to ship/transfer the items or information (e.g., contract, grant, MTA, NDA or other contractual conditions).

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Step #1: Shipment Review

Choose one of the following review options:

1. University Assessment: request that the University’s Export Compliance Officer perform the review of the proposed shipment or transfer. Submit the answers to the above section to to the Export Compliance Officer at least five (5) business days prior to the expected ship or transfer date. If you suspect the item or information may be export controlled or require a license, please contact the University Export Compliance Officer as early as possible.

2. Self-Assessment: sender performs the review of the proposed shipment or transfer. Use the answers to the above section along with the Shipper Self-Assessment Review prior to the ship or transfer date. Retain all documents used in the review.

Depending on the federal agency, as well as the item and the export destination, it may take a federal agency days or months to make an export license determination.


For a definition of Item and information as used in this document, please refer to Appendix 1: Terms as Used in the Guidance/Procedures Documents.

 How Can I Contact SBU's Export Compliance Officer?