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Guidance & Procedures for Export Compliance
Export Control Compliance 

While most university and research activities do not require an export license, there are times even when you are involved in research, teaching or scholarship that an export license, documentation of a license exception and/or a technology control plan will be required for compliance with the export control regulations.  Examples of when export control regulations may apply: 

  • Sharing export controlled information with a foreign person employee or visitor within the U.S.; or
  • Allowing access to an export controlled item by a foreign person or visitor in the U.S.; or 
  • Shipping an export controlled item or transferring export controlled information out of the U.S.;  or 
  • Hand-carrying an export controlled item or information out of the U.S.; or
  • Partaking in activities involving individuals or travel to embargoed/sanctioned countries; or
  • Partaking in activities involving individuals or entities on a Restricted Party List. 
What do you need to do? 

The  Campus Community should review these guidance and procedure documents as they pertain to their Activities.    

Stony Brook University's Export Control Policy for defines Campus Community, Activity and University.

Restricted Party Screening 

About Restricted Party Screening 

Restricted Party Screening - Who Should be Screened

How to Conduct a Restricted Party Screening


Foreign Person Employees

International Collaborations 

International Visitors


Conferences - Hosting, Attending or Presenting

Electronic Communications

Filming/Photographing on Campus

International Shipments and Transfers

Shipper Self-Assessment Review Procedure

International Travel


Classification of Item/Information Procedure

Purchase of Goods

Software and Encryption

Other than Tools of the Trade Self Assessment Review Procedure taking items outside of the U.S. that do not qualify as Tools of the Trade

Record Keeping Requirements

Federal Record Keeping Requirements

Reference Documents to Guidance/Procedures Above

Appendix 1: Terms as Used in the Guidance/Procedures Documents

Appendix 2: Category Definitions for Restricted Party Screening