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Requirements for B.A.

Basic Requirements 

(Revised checklist effective April 2, 2018) ONLY for NEW ECO MAJORS

All courses require a grade of C or higher to be counted towards the major. *

The major in Economics leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree. The following courses are required:

A.  A minimum of 11 courses, at least ten of them in economics, distributed as follows:

1.  ECO 108 Introduction to Economics

2. Intermediate economics courses:

    • ECO 303 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
    • ECO 305 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
    • ECO 320 Mathematical Statistics
    • ECO 321 Econometrics

3. Five additional courses in Economics at the 300 level and above (not including  ECO 359 or  ECO 459). Each of these must be taken for a minimum of three credits.

4. One additional course, either in economics (not including ECO 359 or  ECO 459
    or from a  list of pre-approved electives in other departments, that carries a minimum of three credits.
    Note: No more than two 400-level courses will count toward fulfillment of the major.

B.   MAT 125 Calculus A (if students do not place into MAT 125  on the basis of the math placement examination,  MAT 123 is also a required course for the major) or  AMS 151  Applied Calculus I or level 5 on the mathematics placement examination or any higher level calculus course. 

C. Upper-Division Writing Requirement:

Students should meet the upper- division writing requirement before the end of the SENIOR year, demonstrating their competence in writing for the discipline by registering for a WRTD certified Economics course, such as ECO 359.  Alternatively, the requirement can be met by registering for the 0-credit  ECO 459 in conjunction with ECO 487 or ECO 488.  In exceptional cases, a paper completed as part of another upper division class can be used to satisfy the upper division writing requirement as long as the faculty and student agree to this and the student registers for  ECO 459 at the same time.  Students who fail to fulfill the requirement on their first attempt must do so in a subsequent semester before graduation. 
For double majors, students need to fulfill the Economics upper-division writing requirement in addition to their other major upper-division writing requirement.

Note:   *This includes courses from other departments and courses transferred from other schools. Courses taken on a P/NC basis will not count toward fulfillment of major requirements.


Suggested Course Sequence

Fall Spring
One of MAT 125 or AMS 151 ECO 108
ECO 303
ECO 320 
ECO 305
Upper division ECO
ECO 321
Upper division ECO
Upper division ECO 
Upper division ECO 
Upper division Writing Requirement 
Upper division ECO 
Additional ECO or other  approved elective


Requirements for Honors

Qualified students can graduate with honors in Economics. As specified below, the requirements include an honors thesis approved by the Department's undergraduate committee. Qualified students interested in graduation with honors are urged to seek the permission of a faculty member to enroll for Eco487 (Independent Research). If the advising faculty deems the submitted paper to be outstanding, they can nominate it to be evaluated as an honors thesis.

Honors in Economics will be awarded to graduating seniors who have achieved the following:
1. A grade point average of at least 3.25 in the four required courses, with no less than a B in any one of these courses.
2. A grade point average of at least 3.50 in any four electives in economics at the 300 level.
3. Six credits in economics at the 400 level.
4. An honors thesis, submitted to the director of undergraduate studies for honors evaluation by the Undergraduate Committee.