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University Supervisors

As University Supervisor, you are the primary liaison between the University and the school system in which the Teacher Candidate is placed during the clinical semester. Because the University Supervisor's primary focus is on the teacher candidate and his or her successful completion of the clinical semester, you play a key role in guiding the candidate's development as a professional educator and supporting the Cooperating Teacher's mentorship of the candidate throughout the placement.

Responsibilities of the University Supervisor Working with Each Cooperating Teacher (CT):
  1. Provide the CT with all the information available pertaining to the responsibilities of the CT and the TC.
  2. Consult with the CT to review all the guidelines and requirements for the completion of online assessments (i.e., Lesson Evaluation Forms; Teacher Candidate Professional Development Form; Disciplinary Standards Form; Stony Brook University Program Evaluation); with the help of the University assessment coordinator, ensure that the CT receives technical support as needed for the online 
assessments; monitor the Status of the Forms on the assessment system and follow up with CTs as needed to ensure completion of all online assessments.
  3. Ensure that the CT understands, completes, and submits in a timely fashion the 
necessary paperwork required by Stony Brook University and the State University of New York in order to receive compensation for their services (i.e., Application for Tuition Waiver or Stipend; Substitute Form W-9). 

  4. Encourage the CT to participate in pre- and post-observation conferences held with the teacher candidate to support the continuous and ongoing growth of the teacher candidate. 

  5. Communicate D-TALE and departmental expectations and outcomes, and support their attainment by acting as a resource for the CT during his or her mentorship of the TC.
  6. Keep lines of communication open throughout the placement to ensure that the teacher candidate and the cooperating teacher enjoy a collaborative, successful relationship in which both are able to grow professionally. 

  7. Maintain a strong working relationship with the school system and the district- and building-level administration; be available to meet with district and/or building personnel as needed to support successful outcomes for the cooperating teacher and the teacher candidate. 

Responsibilities of the University Supervisor Working with Each Teacher Candidate (TC):
  1. Provide each TC with all the information available pertaining to the responsibilities of the teacher candidate and his/her cooperating teachers during the clinical semester. 

  2. Actively monitor each TC in each placement by reviewing and evaluating lesson and unit plans and reflective journals, and by communicating with the cooperating teacher as to the candidate's progress. 

  3. Formally observe each TC three times during the clinical semester, ensuring that the teacher candidate is observed in each of the two clinical placements. 

  4. Conduct a pre- and post-observation conference for each of the three formal observations using the Lesson Evaluation Form, and provide rich, evidential, and specific feedback to highlight the candidate's strengths and reinforce areas needed for improvement. 

  5. Wherever and whenever possible, model highly effective strategies and techniques for professional performance and partnership, and provide pedagogical and discipline-specific resources to support each teacher candidate's professional growth and development. 

  6. Complete online assessments for each teacher candidate (i.e., Lesson Evaluation Forms; Teacher Candidate Professional Development Form; Disciplinary Standards Form; Teacher Candidate Work Sample) and encourage each candidate to review the evaluations of his/her performance as a teacher candidate. 

  7. Support the successful recruitment of each TC by communicating job opportunities as they become available and by providing written and/or verbal recommendations of successful teacher candidates to potential employers. 

  8. Conduct the weekly seminar sessions with the entire class of teacher candidates based on a syllabus provided. 


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