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Mission Statement

Reflecting challenges of contemporary business, business education could be significantly enhanced by developing creative management thinking via the perspectives and toolsets informed by the humanities. The activities of the   CIBEH Center  are specifically designed for business students, executives, and leaders, in order to connect business expertise and creativity with humanistic concerns. The rationale for incorporating humanistic concerns into business curriculum is the need to provide breath of vision, personal enrichment, and social responsibility much needed in the complex and fast-changing world we live in.

Specifically, the   CIBEH Center  provides support for enhancing business education related to morality, ethics, artistic creativity, social responsibility, critical thinking skills, global and multicultural perspective, and leadership. The roles of aesthetics and ethics, i.e. the roles of artistic and moral judgments, are very relevant to contemporary society and business practices, especially in light of the technological advances that have resulted in the explosion of visual culture and in the mixture of awe and apprehension as we consider the future of humanity.

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