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Diversity Funding by Goals: 2019-20

Goal 1

Improve the diversity of the Stony Brook Community through enhanced recruitment and retention.

Activity Lead FY 19/20 Allocated Source
Recruitment of URM students-scholarships and yield activities Admissions $165,000 Diversity
CIE recruitment at national meetings, schools w large URM UG populations in an effort to increase activity outside of the STEM fields  Sperzel $7,500 Diversity
Opportunity Hires (Faculty) Kaushansky, Zhang $458,000 Diversity
Textio software, payroll work, microsites, omnibus ads, job fairs, new employee transition process HRS, Jenn Rossler  $155,800 Diversity

Goal 2

Expand educational, research, healthcare and other efforts to ensure that Stony Brook students have the ability to thrive as members of the campus community and as global citizens in a diverse society.

Activity Lead FY 19/20 Allocated Source
Online and in person mentoring program for international students, immigration clinic, tax clinic, & English Language services Global Affairs $50,000 Diversity
Support WISE, I-STEM Institute & CIE to develop a Mentoring Program Community Building Workshop for mentees (100 – in 1st 2 years of WISE Honors Program) and their mentors (25 students in the last year of the WISE Honors program or female grad students) Monica Bugallo $35,000 Diversity
Develop & implement a course on “Leadership and Mentoring in the STEM Disciplines” for female grad students in STEM disciplines. Pilot offering to 50 students Monica Bugallo $20,000 Diversity
Preparing Future Faculty  conference Bhatia/Carter/Williams/Wertheimer $35,000 Diversity
Support for Long Island Latino Teachers Association conference at SBU for male and female high school leaders Office of Community Affairs $2,000 Diversity
Writing contest, gender initiative, HFS Club support Office of the President $10,000 Office of the President
Intern support to assist with developing community connections, maintaining Brookology and organizing Communiversity Day Joan Dickinson $18,750 Diversity
Pipeline Program for URM college and high school students Opoku Busia  $10,000 Diversity
Leadership development for student affinity groups CDO/Cheryl Chambers  $20,000 Diversity
Expand the number of slots for SBU undergraduates to prepare for medical school admission Inel Lewis  $50,000 Diversity
Provide funding for the purchase of books and author travel expenses/honorarium Shelley Germana  $65,000 Diversity
Internships in DoIT for URM students DoIT $22,500 Diversity
Provide a workshop for EOP, SAAB, and SAAS, and LACCS students to inspire them to pursue STEM fields Tracey Walters  $3,500 Diversity
Scholarships/conference fees Provost  $4,000 Diversity
Transition to post-college life Provost  $2,000 Diversity
Cultivating Community Engagement Snyder/Adelson  $3,000 Diversity
Homeless/Housing Insecurity Initiative for SBU Students Corbett  $7,500 Diversity
Development of Military Ally Program Pfeil  $2,000 Diversity
URM Student Programming in Career Services Dixon/Zalewski  $39,000 Diversity
Higher Education Fellows in Training (HEFT) program to ensure a diverse pipeline for student affars careers Duffy  $8,000 Diversity
Development of private lactation spaces. Snyder  $17,000 Diversity
AGEP-T LI Frame Project Sperzel  $15,000 Diversity
Development of DEI Workshop Alda Center  $25,000 Diversity
Matching funds for career guidance pilot grant to support career training and internships for STEM graduate students (will support URM participants) Kathleen Flint Ehm/Dir IREP Office  $2,500 Diversity

Goal 3

Support the development of a campus climate that values diversity, equity and inclusion in a way that promotes the ability of members of the community to thrive and to achieve their individual goals.

Activity Lead FY 19/20 Allocated Source
Development of a new photo library for representation of diversity in campus publications Communications $8,575 Diversity
Leadership Fund to encourage faculty and staff to attend leadership conferences, fellowships Greiman, Kaushansky, Zhang $40,000 Diversity
Make connections wih URM faculty through professional organizations and conferences and provide funding for up  to 3 years of support for URM/Female STEM faculty at mid-career level to aid in retention. Available for summer salary, research, grad students, travel, etc.   CDO, Bhatia $25,000 Diversity
Improve microsite employment platforms to create higher visibility and show our commitment to diversity, veterans and people with disabilities HRS/Lin Tiedermann   Diversity
 Building Culturally Competent Workforce CDO $45,000 Diversity
Seminars, heritage month activities, training, workshops CDO $147,855 Diversity
Supports speakers on diversity and inclusion topics Provost/Judith Lochhead/CDO  $16,280 Diversity
Collaborate with various offices to invite diversity experts to provide professional development presentations CDO/Campus Partners  $30,000 Diversity
Develop an internship for URM students to become athletic administrators Courtney Rickard  $50,000 Diversity
Cultural awareness training for 1st year EOP Provost  $500 Diversity
CULTIVATE: Humanizing an Intentional Multicultural Experience for Professionals of Color Singletary/Rivera  $14,130 Diversity
Strategic plan and research on best practices for supporting URM faculty in cluster hires Mondros, Gropack, Wysocki  $15,000 Diversity
Bring SUNY SAIL Program on fostering diversity and supporting diverse leaders to CAS Chair Wworkshop Sampson, Lochead  $10,500 Diversity

Goal 4

Establish a culture of accountability and assessment around diversity and inclusion initiatives and policies.

Activity Lead FY 19/20 Allocated Source
Administer and analyze climate survey of staff Institutional Research $4,290 Diversity


  Diversity Funding Total $1,660,180  
Added base funding for EOP/AIM Finance $250,000 Base Funding
Added base funding for Turner Fellowship Support Graduate School $50,000 Base Funding
Paid by Gov and Community Relations Account Comm Relations $55,000 Base Funding
Base funding for salary Office of President $215,000 Base Funding
Seawolves Country video development Comm Relations $15,000 Base Funding
Base funding for salary of Asst. CDO Office of President $120,000 Base Funding
  Base Funding Total $705,000  
  Total Funding $2,365,180