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David Matus, PhD - Assistant Professor

Welcome to two new faculty: Dada Pisconti, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Saikat Chowdhury, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Jarrod French, Ph.D – Assistant Professor

Sasha F. Levy, Ph.D – Assistant Professor Sasha's lab will develop technologies using random DNA barcodes and next-generation sequencing  

Benjamin L. Martin, Ph.D – Assistant Professor Ben’s laboratory at Stony Brook is continuing the line of research he established as a postdoc.


Facutly Name/Student Name


R. David Baynum, Distinguished Service Professor

2014 Promotion to Distinguished Service Professor

Vitaly Citovsky, Distinguished Professor

F1000 Faculty member of the Year 2014 for the Faculty of Plant Biology

2014 Elected Fellow of the Ammerican Association of the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

2014 Promotion to Distinguished Professor

David Matus, Assistant Professor

2015 NCI Scientist of the Month October 2015

Susan Erster, Lecturer

2014 Award Recipient Outstanding Lecturer

2015 College of Arts and Science Teaching Excellence Award

Nancy Hollingswoth, Distinguihed Teaching Professor

2014 Chancellor Ward Recipient Excelllence in Teaching

2015 Promotion to Distinguished Teaching  Professor

Harvard Lyman, Associate Professor

 2014 Chancellor Ward Recipient Excellence in Faculty Service 

Erwin London, Distinguished Professor

2014 Promotion to Distinguished Professor

2014 Schroepfer Medal: Recoginzing major advance in the field steriod or sterol field 

J Peter Gergen, Professor

 2015 Chancellor's Award Excellence in Faculty Services

Aaron Neiman, Professor

 2016 Elected to Fellowship to the American Academy of Microsbiology