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Black History At Stony Brook: An Online Archive

The following selection of documents and images represents the inauguration of an ongoing project aimed at documenting the history of African-Americans at Stony Brook University. Over time the Black History Month Committee hopes to create a broad and easily accessible online resource for research and education.

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the  Special Collections and University Archives at the Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library. 


Black student demands to University Administration regarding developing a Black Institute, Admission Policies, Special Opportunities & Orientation Programs, and abolishing University requirements, Feb. 7, 1969.

Pamphlet in support of arrested Black Panther leaders Bobby Seale and the New York 21 , Spring, 1970.

The People. Vol. I, No. 2, Feb. 8, 1971.  Black Student Union publication characterized as "the information pipeline for Black students at Stony Brook." Pieces on education, health, social and economic issues as they relate to Black students. Poetry and prose on contemporary issues by Stony Brook Black students.

Black Students Union Daily Communication . Vol. 1, No. 2, Nov. 1, 1974. Daily news handout, announcing  inter alia a rally in support of Attica defendants.

Position paper on student issues managed by the AIM Students Consulting Committee and the Committee for a Better Standard of Living, 1975

Black Graduate Student Organization,  A Guide to Survival at Stony Brook, 1975 . Information on Black organizations, clubs, Black businesses in communities, where to buy Black products and foods in Long Island area, etc.

Black Graduate Student Organization,  A Guide to Survival at Stony Brook, 1976-77 .

Black Student Union membership meeting notice, 1978.

Black Student Union membership meeting notice, 1978.

Black Women’s Forum Events Flyer, 1983.


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Prestigious Vistors   Photo Gallery »


Prestigious Vistors   Photo Gallery »


Black Faculty & Staff Association annual conference brochure, “The Black Experience in Higher Education,” 1978.

Black Faculty & Staff Association position statement regarding minority students and Polity (student government), submitted by President Lloyd Sargeant, August, 1982.

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AIM (Advancement on Individual Merit program) brochure, 1970s.

Invictus, Vol. 1, No. 1 , 1975 .  Newsletter of the AIM Program, 1975: staff listings, important deadlines for AIM students, messages from the AIM Director, Rupert Evans, etc.

"Opportunities for Minority Students: After the B.A., What?," 1978. Flyer announcing AIM-sponsored conference for minority students considering graduate studies, Nov. 15, 1978.

Sis/Bro Peer Counseling Program flyer, 1979.

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Demands submitted to Stony Brook administration by Black Students United, Feb. 7, 1969.  Adresses need for academic major in Black Studies.

Memorandum from Sidney Gelber, Academic Vice President, to Deans, Provost, Department and Program Chairmen, re: EEO Procedures, March 12, 1974.  Addresses "insignificant progress" in recruitment of minority and women faculty.

"Poetry Forum: Africana Studies presents Alexis De Veaux and Sekou Sundiata," 1979. Poster announcing forum introduced by June Jordan and Leslie H. Owens, April 26, 1979.

"Human Rights and Civil Rights: A History of Affirmative Action," 1984. Poster announcing lecture by Eleanor Holmes Norton, Feb. 7, 1984.

Schedule of Africana Studies courses, Fall, 1986.

"Demythologizing Black and Jews," 1993. Flyer announcing conference co-sponsored by Judaic Studiesand Africana Studies, April 25-26, 1993.

Vera Rony,  A Brief Summary of the Affirmative Action Program at Stony Brook, March 1999.

"Africana Studies in the 21st Century," 2004.Flyer announcing Africana Studies Open House for Professor Emeritus Amiri Baraka, Oct. 13, 2004. Prof. Baraka, a renowned playwright, poet, activist, and critic, taught at Stony Brook for 17 years.

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