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Award Descriptions 

Undergraduate Awards

Alumni Association Legacy Award - $750
Awarded to a student who demonstrates academic success and leadership in the campus community and is the child of a Stony Brook alumnus.

Babak Movahedi Senior Leadership Award - $1,000
Established by Babak Movahedi '82, this award is presented to a graduating senior who has made a significant change in the university environment by bringing together various constituencies through the development of community life.

First Alumni Scholarship - $1,000
Established by the Founder's Group, the first five graduating classes of Stony Brook (1961 - 1966), the First Alumni Scholarship is awarded to a full-time sophomore or junior who displays the pioneering spirit personified by many of the Founder's Group alumni. Preference will be given to promising students who are the first members of their immediate families to pursue a college education.

Gloria and Mark Snyder Alumni Award - $1,000
Established by Gloria Snyder '72 and Mark Snyder '69, this award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated academic and leadership skills and is studying for a career in business or finance.

Larry Roher Entrepreneurial Achievement Award - $1,000
Established by Larry Roher '79, this award is presented to an undergraduate who has served in a managerial and leadership role either on or off campus or has pursued entrepreneurial and innovative programs or activities.

Joseph N. Campolo Award for Legal Studies - $1,000
Awarded to a student preparing to enter the practice of law who has demonstrated a commitment to public service.

Outstanding Future Alumni Award - $750
Awarded to a high-achieving student who has demonstrated excellence in academic performance and community service and has made valuable contributions to the University community.

Graduate Awards

Life Member Award - $500
Awarded to a matriculating graduate student who is a Stony Brook alumnus, has at least a 3.25 cumulative grade point average, and has contributed significantly as a graduate student in the area(s) of research, volunteerism, and leadership.

Lois and Robert Stafford Graduate Award - $1,000
Established by Lois Stafford '77 and Robert Stafford '72,'82, this award is presented to a full-time graduate student, who maintains at least a 3.0 cumulative gpa and demonstrates commitment to civic engagement and social responsibility. Preference will be given to a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces OR a graduate student of an academic discipline in the Social Sciences.