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Undergraduate Minor

Requirements for the Minor in Africana Studies (AFS)

The minor in Africana studies is intended for students interested in exploring aspects of the Black experience in ways that relate to their own major field of study. The sequence of lower- and upper-division courses gives the student a well-balanced analysis of the varied aspects of the African and African-American experience. All courses offered for the minor, except those graded S/U, must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher.

Completion of the minor requires 21 credits, including 12 upper-division credits.

  1. AFS 101, 102 Themes in the Black Experience I, II
  2. One course from each of the following areas (see above):
    • Africana Studies in the Humanities
    • Africana Studies in the Social Sciences
    • The African-American Experience
    • The Global African Experience
  3. One additional upper-division course selected from one of the areas listed in requirement 2.
  4. Three credits in AFH or AFS 447 Readings in Africana Studies; or AFH or AFS 487 Research in Africana Studies taken in the junior or senior year.

The most up-to-date listing of major and minor requirements is available at the Undergraduate Bulletin.