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Where we share with you our students' achievements, hopes, dreams!  

Ruhana Mumin

Ruhama Mumin, a psychology major,  has  taken two AFS courses: AFS 277.01 The Modern Color Line & AFS 340.01 Human Rights and Africa.

In summer 2022,  Ruhama is completing a research internship with The Rising Majority. The Rising Majority is a broad-based coalition of Black, Indigenous people of color (POC), and multiracial groups working to build political power toward a more just and humane world.  Ru will be assisting the organization with its research needs.  

Ruhama writes: "AFS340, International Human Rights and Africa helped me gain a better understanding of the non-profit sector on an international scale, which is greatly informing the work I must do in this internship. I also heard about this fantastic internship through my AFS professor, Dr. Abena Asare, who told me about this position. I am enjoying putting the knowledge I've acquired from my AFS courses about US racial history and  international human rights to good use as a research assistant for The Rising Majority." 
mahambe tourne
Mahambe Tourne was the 2022 recipient of the Richard B. Moore Scholarship.  Please think of adding the Richard B. Moore scholarship to your donations list. So we can award two scholarships next spring, donate here!