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"Other Than Personal Service" are expense categories covered by object codes 3000-8999. It is important to monitor the total of your OTPS allocation. If you have allocation available in PSR or TS and no available allocation in OTPS - you can not expend any funds for OTPS items without special approvals. You must arrange to have your available allocation moved from the salary categories to the OTPS category. Contact your Dean's office to change the allocation in the account.

Lapsing Period: 

The SUNY fiscal year ends on June 30th. The State allows the campus about three months to close our fiscal records after the June 30th date and this is what is referred to as the "Lapsing Period".  The lapsing period reflects transactions expensed during July, August and September, that are associated with allocation from the prior fiscal year (prior to June 30th).

Transactions that were created prior to June 30th and will be paid after this date, must be paid from allocation from the prior fiscal year. Payment of invoices from prior periods with current funding is forbidden.

Pending Purchase Orders: 

A concern with funding  a purchase after the close of the fiscal year can be avoided by paying careful attention to pending Purchase Orders. After several months of prior year reporting, Purchasing begins to close out the old fiscal year in August. It is important that you work closely with both Purchasing and Accounts Payable after July 19 th to ensure that all items encumbered from the prior year funding are paid and closed in an orderly fashion. If any item is outstanding and needs to be resolved, contact Purchasing immediately.