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Worksheet for Initial request of an IFR account and for the initial allocation for the new year.

Page 1:

Account number: Enter the account number. If a new request, leave blank. As previously mentioned in the FAQs, once all steps are completed Accounting will inform you of the account number.
Account name: Enter the name.
Initiated by: Enter the Account Director's name.
Purpose for which this account is used: Enter the purpose of the account (i.e. for the collection of revenue and expenses associated with .....).
Major providers of revenue: List each of your providers of revenue and their projected annual amounts (the total amount will carry over to page 2 "Anticipated Collections").
Sources of revenue: Enter each source and their amounts (i.e. CPMP funds, research grants).
Proposed changes: Enter the fiscal year where you anticipate a major change and the reason for the change (i.e. increase/decrease in rates, level of service).

Page 2:

Account number, account name and initiator: Carry over information from page 1.

Anticipated Cash Available
Ending Cash Balance: Enter the month and the ending cash balance amount as shown on the account's cash page.
+ Receivables: Enter billings and/or invoicing which have been issued by your department for which payment has not been received.
+ Other: Enter other assets (i.e. inventory, unrecovered equipment purchases.).
- liabilities: Enter total of bills and/or invoices that you owe others.
Projected cash balance: This is the sum of the items above.
Anticipated collections: This is carried over from page 1.

Anticipated Commitments
Personnel: Enter projected annual requirements for personnel services in each category.
Total PSR and PST: Sum of all personnel requirements.
Fringe benefits: Will automatically calculate based on the information provided for personnel requirements and the current year's fringe benefit rate.
Total fringe benefits: Sum of all fringe benefits calculations.
Other temp services: Enter projected annual requirement.
Total personnel and fringe benefits: Will automatically calculate the sum of Total PSR and PST, Total Fringe Benefits and Other Temp Services.

OTPS (other than personnel services)
Supplies and expenses: Enter annual requirements.
Equipment: Enter annual requirements.
Total OTPS: Will automatically calculate sum of supplies and equipment.
Total allocation: Will automatically calculate the sum of the Total PSR and PST, Other Temp services and Total OTPS (Fringe Benefits are not included in the allocation, Fringe Benefits are a reduction to cash).
Total personnel, fringe benefits & OTPS: Will automatically calculate the sum of Total PSR and PST, Other Temp Services and Total OTPS.
Administrative overhead (AO) and maintenance and operations (MO): Will automatically calculate the assessment amount on Total Personnel, Fringe Benefits and OTPS.
Total commitments: Will automatically calculate sum of Total Personnel, Fringe Benefits and OTPS and AO and MO.
Projected cash: Equals Total Cash Available minus Total Commitments. Ending cash must be positive.