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Conference Activity:

Effective October 1, 2018, conference activity should adhere to SUNY Policy# 7200 as noted below:

Conferences are formal events sponsored by an outside organization (i.e., a third party, and not conducted by campus department personnel) that are normally of short duration, and are not offered for academic credit. Conferences may be held on campus or off (recreational center, hotel, etc.). The registration fee income for such  conferences, and direct  conference expenses such as hosting, honoraria for outside speakers, and travel reimbursements, are activities appropriate for handling through agency accounts. Uses of campus facilities by such  conferences are subject to appropriate permit requirements and subject to campus facilities use fees that must be deposited in an IFR account. Conferences that are sponsored by the campus (i.e., conducted by campus/department personnel) must be administered through an IFR account.   

Below are two sample budget templates that are commonly used for conferences & events at Stony Brook.  Their layouts are similar, only one has more details on the breakdown of costs for the venue.

Sample Budget Template 1-Conf and Events

Sample Budget Template 2-Conf and Events

        • Departments must initially work with their VP Office in preparing a budget for the event. All level approvals are required – Department, VP Office, Accounting, Controller/VP Finance.
        • The Administration Overhead rate as a reduction to the revenue must be included. 
        • There must be no profits from internal users.
        • If the Net amount is a deficit, please re-evaluate your budget or indicate subsidy amount(s) with funding account(s).
        • Actual deficits from the event must be subsidized by the department. 
        • If CVENT set-up is required for registration, the department is to work with the SB Events team. Their link is here
        • If a new IFR account is required for the conference, the Account Request Form and IFR Allocation Worksheet can be found here. Your VP Office will guide you through the necessary steps to complete the forms and submit for account creation.


 For more information on IFR Accounting, click here.