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ASC 101: Practicing Engaging Presentations

ASC 101: Practicing Engaging Presentations (P.E.P.) is a   six-week , zero credit seminar that allows students to learn and practice effective public speaking and presentation techniques. This is accomplished through active participation and constant feedback.   The course fulfills the SPK requirement of the Stony Brook Curriculum.  

Course Details: 

  • Each class section is limited to 9 students
  • Every student presents during every class meeting
  • Students give and receive instant verbal feedback and anonymous written feedback for each presentation
  • In order to pass the class, students must be in attendance and prepared for ALL six class meetings
  • In addition to weekly presentations, students complete weekly readings and reflection assignments


Are you looking for an opportunity to improve your English speaking skills?

While ASC 101 is not designed to work on improving students' English speaking skills, Stony Brook offers additional programs that can better suit your needs, including:

English Pal Program gives international students an opportunity to practice conversational English in a casual online or in-person setting with an English speaker. At the same time, domestic students can meet and learn from people of different cultures and languages. Our primary purpose is to act as a bridge, connecting non-native english speakers with native, or fluent english speakers, giving them a better opportunity to meet new people. This could make it easier for them to have a conversation with people they otherwise wouldn’t have known. We see this as a good way of “lowering the barrier of entry” when it comes to meeting new people. We provide these opportunities for undergraduates, graduates, and even faculty. EPal is proud to be the only resource on campus that provides an environment for this type of communication between members of the Stony Brook Community. 

For more information, email