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    One-on-one & Small Group Tutoring
    with the Academic Success & Tutoring Center

    A list of courses that will be supported by ASTC tutoring during SPRING 2022 will be posted here at the beginning of the semester.  

    Overview: The ASTC provides undergraduate students with FREE one-on-one and small group tutoring appointments for various courses during the fall and spring semesters.

    What:  Peer tutoring for a variety of undergraduate courses. 

    When: Various times throughout the week. Please see the scheduling system for more information. 

    Opening Date: The schedule opens on Monday, January 31st. The first day of tutoring by appointment will be Monday, February 7th.

    Where: To best meet the needs of our students, we will be hosted both in-person and online tutoring this semester. 

    Who: Stony Brook University students enrolled in the specific undergraduate course for which they are requesting tutoring. 

    Before using our tutoring services, please read our  Student Agreement Form .

    * If you are seeking help with general academic success skills (time management, study skills, test taking strategies, etc.), please visit our skill-based tutoring page. 

    * If you are seeking help in writing, schedule an appointment with a tutor at the  Writing Center


    Drop-In Tutoring at the Academic Success & Tutoring Center 

    Overview: The ASTC provides drop-in tutoring for several high demand courses 

    What:  Drop-in tutoring for select CHE, PHY, and BIO courses

    Spring 2022 Opening Date: TBA

    When: TBA


    Who: Stony Brook University students enrolled in the specific undergraduate course for which they are requesting tutoring.

    Some things to consider:

    • Tutors assist students on a first-come/first-helped basis  
    • During peak periods, students may need to wait for assistance
    • To assist the maximum number of students, tutors may need to limit the length of time students spend in the session
    • Tutors may assist multiple students at one time. If students have similar questions or are reviewing similar course concepts, the tutor may have students work in groups to review material and help each other. 


    Drop-In Tutoring at the Residential Tutoring Centers 

    Overview: The Residential Tutoring Centers (RTC) is a service offered by the  Division of Campus Residences and the Academic Success and Tutoring Center to provide drop-in peer tutoring for select MAT, PHY, and CHE undergraduate courses. 

    What: Drop-in tutoring for select MAT, PHY, & CHE courses

    When: Mondays & Wednesdays 8pm - 11pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays 7pm - 9pm

    Spring 2022 Opening Date: Monday, February 7th

    Where: Mondays & Wednesdays in the H-Community Center, Tuesdays & Thursdays in the Al DeVris Center

    Who: All undergraduate students are welcome to use the services, regardless of residential status. 

    For more details and a list of courses supports by RTC drop-in tutoring, please click here


    STAR-NY Online Tutoring Service

    Overview: This program provides free online tutoring for a variety of subject areas through a consortium of SUNY colleges and universities that have joined together to share resources and expertise to better meet student needs for online tutoring.  

    What: Online tutoring for the following content areas: 

    • Math: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Pre-calculus, Calc I, Intro to Statistics (upper division courses are not supported)
    • Chemistry Introductory level & General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
    • Biology Introductory level and Anatomy & Physiology
    • Physics Introductory level
    • Psychology Introductory level
    • Economics Introductory level, Macro, and Micro
    • Computer Science Introductory level
    • Nursing Introductory level
    • Accounting Any course below the 400 level
    • Writing*

    When: Sunday - Thursday from 7pm - Midnight (last login is 11:30pm)

    Winter Session Opening Date: Monday, January 3rd
    **Math Support Only During Winter Session**

    Spring 2022 Opening Date: Sunday, January 30th



    Depending on the night and subject, your tutor may be from Stony Brook University or one of the other 20+ participating SUNY campuses. 

    * Please be advised that Stony Brook students and alumni are encouraged to visit the campus Writing Center (Humanities 2009) which offers free personalized writing tutoring both online and in-person. Campus tutors are trained in writing instruction and work directly with faculty across the campus to better serve students at Stony Brook. For more information or to schedule appointments, please visit .

Help! I can't find ASTC tutoring for my course!

All students are encouraged to attend professor and TA office hours for extra support. If there is an associated Learning Center, Help Room, or walk-in tutoring service, students are encouraged to attend those as well.

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