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Upcoming Summer Schools

Summer 2022, TBD 2022 CFNS Summer School


Past Summer Schools

August 9-20 2021 The 2021 CFNS Summer School on the Physics of the Electron-Ion Collider
virtual (CFNS)
Abhay Deshpande (SBU) Director, Alexei Prokudin (PSU Berks and Jefferson Lab) Chair, Martha Constantinou (Temple), Socorro Delquaglio (SBU), Ciprian Gal (SBU), Sanghwa Park (SBU), Marlene Vera-Viteri (SBU), Jinlong Zhang (Shandong University) Map of home countries of the 2021 attendees, including North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia
July 27 - August 5, 2020 Summer School Postponed
August 1-9 2019

The first CFNS Summer School on the Science of the Future Electron-Ion Collider
Location: CFNS, Stony Brook University
Organizers: Christine Aidala, Martha Constantinou, Abhay Deshpande, Yacine Mehtar, Alexei Prokudin, Matt Sievert, Jinlong Zhang


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