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Courses, Consultations, and Custom Workshops with CELT

At CELT, we have a team of professionals who offer a variety of professional advancement courses, one-on-one consultations, and customized workshops geared to save you time while improving your teaching practice.  Sign up below or request a personalized workshop for you or your department. 

Schedule a Customized Workshop !

In addition to our scheduled workshops , we are reaching out to share other topics that may be of interest to departments, small groups, and/or individuals. CELT would be pleased to schedule a session around one of the following topics or a customized topic of your choice. 

    • Design Your Course for ALL Students! Not all students learn in the same way. Creating courses that allow for diversity in how we interact with the content helps students to find different ways to engage and to connect with the course material. In this course we will discuss Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and redesign a course activity to be more inclusive.

    • What Inspires You to Learn and Teach? Building a Foundation for Your Teaching Philosophy (For TAs and Postdocs): If you are a Postdoc or TA preparing for your future career, join us for this workshop. We will explore and share what learning and teaching experiences have impacted you, what the components of an effective teaching philosophy are, and you will participate in an activity that will help you begin to develop your own philosophy. You will also hear specific advice and strategies for writing your teaching statement for job applications. 

    • Teach All of the Students in Your Course - Developing Inclusive Pedagogy: In this session we will reflect on the connections between social identity, privilege, and equity and how these can influence both you and your students. By becoming aware of our own biases and the identities that may be present in our students, we make great leaps in being able to manage our classrooms, prevent negative influences, and perhaps more importantly, develop strategies for open and honest communication to help us when we inevitably make mistakes.

  • Setting up Successful Group Work in your Online Course: The Phases of Engagement Model: By applying Conrad and Donaldson's phases of engagement model, we can build student-to-student interaction in the online course and demonstrate productive group work and collaboration. These strategies have been shown to increase a sense of community and decrease feelings of isolation for students. Tools can include discussion boards, google documents, slides, infographics, and VoiceThread.

  • Jump Start Engagement with Active Learning: Active learning can improve student outcomes and keep students engaged during and in-between your class meetings. Getting started incorporating active learning, implementing it, and assessing its effectiveness can seem challenging. Join this workshop to hear more about why active learning works and strategies you can implement and assess easily in your courses right away.

  • Supporting Students’ Self-Regulation Skills in Your Course: In this workshop, we will go over the importance of self-regulation skills and how they are linked to academic achievement and academic success. We will also discuss how to model and help students develop these skills in your course.

  • Avoid Academic Dishonesty with Assessment: This workshop will introduce you to assessment strategies that you can easily implement to prevent cheating. You will find that small adjustments to your existing assessment strategy can help prevent cheating and encourage student success, both online and in-person.

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