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CELT Services Poster

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This poster outlines the teaching and learning services we offer. Feel free to print a copy to share. 

Small Size (8.5 x 11)       Large Size (24 x 36)


Our House is Your House

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching is dedicated to harnessing the energy between teachers and learners to help faculty and graduate students get the most out of their pedagogies. Join us in the Faculty Commons, a faculty think tank/meeting space located in the Melville Library. Faculty are our partners, our inspiration, and our customers, and you'll find a team of energetic and passionate professionals waiting for you at CELT. Our services range from in-class support, training in softwares and online learning technologies, and best practices in just about every area of teaching. At CELT, our house is your house, and we invite you to stop in, send us an email, or schedule a consultation or training.


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