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Great Teaching is a Journey

 Great teaching is a journey, and whether you are a community member, alumni, retired faculty, or a current SBU faculty or student, you can join us in this journey by contributing to the cause in a way that benefits the populations you care about most. To become a part of the CELT campaign for excellence in learning and teaching, go to the Stony Brook Donor Page, click on "Search for other Stony Brook Programs," and type in "teaching" to find our fund.

Making Inspired Teaching Possible 

Students know that they learn best when they solve real-world problems in active, engaged, and collaborative learning environments. Faculty know that quality teaching requires hard work. At CELT, we know that faculty, graduate students, and instructional staff  need training, funding, and technology to bring their very best to the classroom. We leverage our resources to make big differences. 

Driving the Future of Teaching at Stony Brook

 With a new faculty development center under construction, classroom updates on the horizon, and programming and initiatives designed to elevate everyone's classroom experience, CELT has an ambitious vision for the future of teaching at Stony Brook. Teaching and learning is a team effort, and we hope you'll join our team of supporters to make a difference in the lives of students.


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