The English Teacher Education Program

English Class

The English Education Program at Stony Brook University is designed to prepare excellent English teachers for grades 7-12. Through two methods courses, field experience in schools, and a full-semester student teaching internship with a concurrent seminar, our teacher candidates become well-versed in best practices for instructing secondary students in writing, reading, speaking, and listening for a variety of purposes and audiences and in a variety of contexts. Our program’s pedagogical goals are aligned with the standards of the National Council of Teachers of English ( and the New York State English Language Arts Learning Standards and Assessments (

Faculty in the English Education Program are nationally-recognized writers and presenters in the teaching of writing and literature, and have been full-time secondary teachers for a number of years. Many of our instructors are retired secondary English teachers from local Long Island school districts and have more than 25 years experience each to draw from as they help new teachers enter what is one of the most rewarding and challenging occupations. Through the SUNY Urban Teacher Education Center, students in English Education also have the opportunity, if they wish, to student teach in a safe and supportive environment in New York City. Students in English Education are further supported by a nationally-renown English Department at Stony Brook University (

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Dr. Nicole Galante, Acting Director
English Education Program
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Telephone: 631-632-7303