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Submit Your Mission Moonshot

More information about the process and requirements for submitting your moonshot will be available in late Spring 2022.  

In her inaugural address, President Maurie McInnis referred to President John F. Kennedy’s famous speech urging Americans to reach for the moon, delivered at a time when Stony Brook’s ambitions were just beginning to take shape. 

“It marked the beginning of a University that would define itself by many moonshots — by many bold, ambitious, and urgent goals that it would set and meet,” she said.

“Now, Stony Brook, we have new goals to meet, obstacles to overcome, and questions to answer. What is our next moonshot? How do we prepare our University for the next student, the next faculty member, the next challenge, the next sixty years?”

Incremental change isn’t going to take us to where we want to be. If you have an idea for an ambitious, innovative project or direction to take Stony Brook, now’s the time to share it!  

Submit your ideas — your Mission Moonshot —  around innovations to support the advancement of our mission in the region, the nation, and the world.

These submissions will be used to form working groups for deeper exploration around shared ideas.


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