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REACH Visioning Committee

The REACH Visioning Committee will coordinate campus-wide engagement, explore what it means to be Stony Brook, the cultural implications of “One Campus,” and examine issues confronting higher education at large and Stony Brook University in particular.

The Visioning Committee will achieve this through:

  • Spearheading community outreach and ideation through community workshops, surveys, campus conversations
  • Transforming Moonshots into thematic Explorer Groups
  • Creating visioning and value statements to guide planning in a way that aligns with SBU’s mission
  • Leveraging community feedback to identify areas of focus and opportunity

Committee selection will be made by the Project REACH Senior Leadership Committee, through a blind evaluation process focused on the quality of responses to the two essay questions in the application.  The composition of the committee will be determined by a select group of senior leaders to ensure balance and diversity. 

Applicants selected for membership on the Project REACH Visioning Committee will need to commit to spend 2-3 hours per week in the early months, and then every other week through September 2022.  The committee will consist of 15-20 members made up of faculty, staff and students. 

Deadline to apply is January 17, 2022.


Apply Here:

First and last name
SBU email address
Department or Academic Unit
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What do you view as the biggest challenges facing Stony Brook University and higher education today and into the future and why?
Consider this scenario: Project Reach (strategic planning) outlined for next semester unfolds in a way that exceeds expectations. The Strategic Budget Initiative has yielded positive results, research is growing rapidly, and faculty hiring has commenced. Now, select a date within the next 15 years. Describe Stony Brook University at that moment: How has it changed? What is different about the campus experience that traces back to the choices made in 2022?


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