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M.S. Program in Biomedical Sciences, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Track

The Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology MS Program provides a sound scientific foundation for students pursuing careers in the academic, pharmaceutical, and government sectors. The Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology MS Program also provides an opportunity for students to complement and enhance their academic backgrounds in preparation for advanced training in PhD programs and a variety of health-related schools (medical, dental, and veterinary, among others).

Approximately half of our graduates have gone on to enter Ph.D. programs (Pharmacology, Chemistry, and Molecular and Cellular Biology), and appoximately half have gone on to obtain technical and consulting jobs in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Academic Research sectors. Click on our alumni link to find out more.

With a strong research component, a major goal of the MS program is to develop advanced technical and problem-solving skills through direct engagement in the process of scientific discovery. Research opportunities include the therapeutics of cancer and infectious diseases, cardiovascular and endocrine pharmacology, neuropharmacology, and drug design. Coursework in the program complements the research component and aims to provide depth and breadth of knowledge in pharmacology, biochemistry, molecular genetics, cell biology, immunology, computational biology, and neuropharmacology.

To request information about applying contact: 
Cinthia Alvarez-Buonaiuto, Program Administrator
Katie Houghton, Departmental Administrative Head
Department of Pharmacological Sciences
Stony Brook, NY 11794-8651
Phone:  631-444-3027
Dr. Bruce Demple, Program Director
Professor, Department of Pharmacological Sciences
Feel free to request an appointment to meet with the Program Director and learn more about our program. If you are not able to get to campus a zoom meeting can be requested.