Permanent Appointment in a New Title

In accordance with Article XI, Title C of the Policies of the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York, a professional employee holding permanent appointment in a professional title who completes a probationary appointment in a different professional title shall be granted a permanent appointment in the different professional title only and shall not retain the permanent appointment in the former professional title.

Permanent appointment is oriented toward the future. It is a status granted by the Chancellor to those professionals whose service and contributions have and will continue to benefit and enrich the University. In making recommendations for permanent appointment, a supervisor should consider whether such appointment is in the long-term best interest of the University.

There are many factors to consider in such a decision. A permanent appointment recommendation should reflect a judgment made after an examination not only of the employee's past performance but also of the employee's potential for future contributions to the University.

Consideration should be given to the following:

  1. Whether the employee exhibits the motivation, expertise and human relations skills to continue the professional growth pattern exhibited in their current professional position.
  2. The pattern of the employee's past professional performance (evaluations) in relation to past professional objectives (performance programs). Past performance is a useful indicator of future productivity.
  3. The emphasis and "profile" of the position as it existed in the past. Is it likely to change significantly? If so, has the employee demonstrated the ability to accept change, innovation and new direction to meet probable new requirements of the position?
  4. Whether the employee's potential for future contributions will likely be in areas where the University will require such professional skills.
  5. Whether the university requires, and can continue to provide, the professional growth positions to meet the employee's professional career plans.

Procedure for Permanent Appointment in a New Title

  • HRS sends a quarterly report to the Vice President Coordinators listing the probationary appointment end dates for professional employees.
  • Supervisor requests employee submit current Resume/C.V.
  • Supervisor/Department prepares the performance evaluation, recommending if employee should/should not pass probation.
  • Vice President/Provost reviews, prepares PeopleSoft form and forwards to HRS for processing.
  • HRS reviews recommendation.
    • If supervisor recommends employee fail probationary period, HRS will process and employee will be notified.
    • If supervisor recommends employee pass probationary period, HRS sends to the President for recommendation.
  • President returns with recommendation to HRS.
  • If the President supports the permanent appointment in new title, HRS sends to the Chancellor.