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Team Meeting Scheduling Tool

This tool is to assist VIP faculty mentors in selecting a one-hour time slot for their team meeting. After selecting a team, you will see a table of the team's majors with levels from sophomore to senior. Check the majors and levels you wish to use for the basis of scheduling. Odds of a student being enrolled in a course at any given time will be displayed on a weekly schedule (hover over the schedule for details). Odds are calculated by assuming that each major is on track and following the sample course sequence posted in the undergraduate bulletin. Only courses explictly cited in the sequence are included in the calculation; students might be registered for a general education requirement or an elective course at a free (green-colored) time slot on the schedule, but it is expected they can select another course. The same is true for graduate students, who typically do not have a sample sequence to follow.

Advice: Select sophomore students first, as time conflicts are not permitted for new students. Optimally, after selecting all majors and levels, there will be one or more acceptable green-colored (no conflict) time slots. If that is not the case, you may select any time slot with less than a 100% chance of a conflict, understanding that slots with higher conflict odds will be more problematic for the students. You may check the box to "label only times with 100% chance of a conflict" to eliminate cases where students have the option to choose another course section. Note: Wednesday 1pm-2pm is student lifetime and should be avoided if possible.

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