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VIP Student Application

  • You will be applying to join a specific team. Please choose a team before continuing.
  • Until you are admitted to a team, you may return to edit your application, including your choice of teams.
  • Once you are admitted to a team, your application will become locked.  You will not be able to alter the text or change your team selection unless the team's faculty mentor releases your application.  Upon release of your application, you may edit it and change your team selection to apply to different team.
  • If you are accepted to or rejected from a team, you will recieve an email notification. A faculty mentor may elect to hold you in the team's application pool without  a decision, to waitlist you for a later term. You are not obligated to wait and may change your application to request another team. To determine if you are waitlisted and to provide transparency of admissions process, you will be able to view the team's admissions status after you submit your application.  In addition to the status of your application, you will see the current numbers of applications and decisions made in the current application round.

  • A balance of majors on a team.
  • A balance of student degree progress levels on a team
  • Your 2000 character (~300 word) statement that addresses why you are interested in the team and how you can contribute. 

Click the button below to begin your application (NetID login required).

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