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Forming a VIP Team

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Although a VIP Team can provide a research experience for undergraduate students, it can be much more.  It can become an enterprise where some team members are conducting technical research and some are providing related services in graphics design, web/application development, development of promotional materials, public relations, market research, etc.  You should consider including students in any major that can contribute to the larger mission of your team.    As the team matures, experienced members will be able to mentor and train new members and lead sub-task meetings.   They will elevate your producitity and provide capacity for your team to grow.  When "hiring" applicants, you should consider the sustainability of each aspect of your enterprise.   

VIP Teams can be established for pursuits completely unrelated to research, for example, an  entrepreneurial initiative to automate an administrative function or student service.  Our goal is to provide a diverse array of options for students to engage on multidisciplinary teams so that they can experience a profession work environment and discover how they can contribute.   Your team should provide students with an option that follows your interests and passions, whatever they might be. 

  To establish a VIP team:

  1. Complete and submit the VIP Team Information Form by following the link under the Faculty menu or by clicking here.  Projects should have an initial scope of 3-5 years.  The description should be general enough to allow team goals to evolve, but you will be able to edit your team information at any time.   Projects must involve students from two or more majors. 
  2. Once submitted, you will receive further instructions by email within 48 hours.  In most cases, that email with inform you that your team has been approved and is live on web.  You will be directed to use the VIP Team Meeting Scheduling Tool to select a 53 minute time slot for your weekly team meeting.  You may identify a meeting room if you have access to a sufficient space or we will find a room for you.  After you submit your meeting time, you will be assigned the same section number  for the courses VIP 295, 395, 396, 495, 496, 595, 596, and 696 in the next available term.   These courses will meet at the same time and place for 53 minutes each week during the Fall and Spring terms.
  3. Student Applications and Admissions:  Students may apply to join a VIP team for the Fall or Spring terms.  Applications will be open continuously except for a one month period at the beginning of each term.  Applications to your team may be closed early at your request. You can view applications to your team and make decisions by logging in to the Team Management Area.  Please make decision as early as possible so that students you are unable to admit may apply to another team. 
  4. Grading and team management:  Please see the Generic VIP Syllabus for grading standards and other details.  An MSWord version is available for download, which you may modify to suit your team.  We are in the process of adding tools for online peer evaluations and other functions.  Our goal is to reduce the course management overhead so that you can focus on the experience and the productivity of the team.  With a little initial investment, mentoring a VIP Team should increase your productivity and become a very enjoyable experience.