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Explorations in STEM - PSEG Scholars

Application Deadline:
March 9, 2018

May 29 - August 3, 2018

The Explorations in STEM program -- administered by the Dept. of Technology & Society, URECA and the Career Center -- seeks to provide research/professional development in STEM areas to undergraduate students. Students with demonstrated need (e.g. Pell-eligible students) and/or underrepresented students, particularly freshman/sophomores considering STEM careers, are encouraged to apply. This program particularly encourages the application of students majoring in electrical, mechanical, civil engineering and chemical engineering.

The Explorations in STEM supports SB students doing full-time faculty-mentored research in a STEM field for ten weeks. A major component of the program is the opportunity for students to participate in the weekly professional development workshops/events, which include workshops on communicating science, poster design, applying to graduate school, etc. At the end of the ten-week period, the participants will prepare abstracts of their work and will be required to present at the closing poster symposium at the end of the summer. Exploration in STEM participants are also required to present their work at the University's Celebration of Undergraduate Research & Creativity in the following spring.

Exploration in STEM participants receive a $4,000 stipend. In addition, PSEG Scholars are offered on-campus during the program (costs are paid by the grant/program).

This program is open to all current Stony Brook undergraduates who are US citizens and/or permanent residents and are committed to doing research in a STEM field for 10 weeks in the summer. Applications should be submitted with an intended sponsor/mentor and project although students who are just starting research in a STEM area are encouraged to apply.

This program was established at SB in Summer 2013 as part of a SUNY-wide initiative to increase student retention in STEM fields, and was sponsored by the SUNY Research Foundation, and the Office of the President. In Summer 2014, the program was renewed, and expanded, with increased support from the Office of the President and the Office of the Provost. The program is administered by Technology and Society; the Career Center; URECA and is a collaborative effort with Undergraduate Biology; and Teaching, Learning, Technology.  PSEG  sponsored  the Explorations in STEM Program in Summers 2015 and 2016--and will be sponsoring the program in Summer 2018.

PSEG Scholars 2015 ExplorationsinSTEM2016

Explorations in STEM -PSEG Scholar participants 2015  
(left) and 2016 (right).

2013ExplorationsinSTEMgroup 2014ExplorationsinSTEM

Explorations in STEM participants 2013  (left) and 2014   (right)  


The application includes the following components: 

  • a completed program application (includes Part 1- online; Part 2 (A&B)- a personal statement + research project proposal 
  • a transcript (unofficial);
  • a letter from the sponsoring faculty member; and
  • a supplemental form (required)

The sponsoring faculty member's letter should comment on the student's research or creative capabilities and potential to carry out the specified project.


Candidates should submit one copy of the  completed application (including part 2, transcript, letter) by Friday  March 9th  to URECA, Melville Library N-3070-3071, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-3357. See application instructions (below).

FORMS: Program Application ( online ), application instructions (2018) +  supplement

Note: Faculty mentors may prefer to email the letter of recommendation directly to Karen Kernan at:

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