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Earthstock Research Showcase


Earthstock-URECA Event

Environmental Exhibition showcasing Environmental Research & Creative Activity. Graduate Students, Undergraduates & HS Students invited to participate!!!


Date: FRIDAY - APRIL 20, 2018

Where?: Wang Theatre lobby,
 6:30 -7:30 pm

Students doing research/creative activities related to various aspects of the environment are encouraged to participate in the research and creative activity exhibition by presenting a poster or creative project. The poster/creative project exhibition will take place right before the Earthstock Keynote lecture.

Topics relating to the environment include but are not limited to:

• environmental history
• population/cultural issues related to the environment
• art, sculpture , dance and music with an environmental theme
• ecology & evolution
• preservation and conservation of nature
• environmental pollution and restoration 
• environmental medicine and human health 
• atmospheric science 
• oceanograhy and fisheries 
• earth system science and  Joy and the Life Sciences Greenhouse
• climate change

To participate, simply register here    >>

If you have questions, please contact Karen - Melville Library N3005, Stony Brook University. Tel: 632-7114


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