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Frances Velay Fellows  - Summer 2023


Meet the students who participated in the Frances Velay Women in Science Fellowship Program - Summer 2023!

The Frances Velay Women and Science Research Fellowship program at Stony Brook is administered by URECA in collaboration with Dr. Maria Nagan (Department of Chemistry; Associate Dean for Curriculum, College of Arts and Sciences).

Aleena Ali

Chemistry major

Mentor: Dr. Peter Tonge (Chemistry)

Project: Structure-Kinetic relationship for the development of long residence time LpxC inhibitors for Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Victoria Castle

Geology major

Mentor: Dr. Marine Frouin (Geosciences)

Project: Luminescence Dating of Terrace Development in the Udorka Valley, Poland

Nina Cheng

Biology major

Mentor: Dr. Wali Karzai (Biochemistry)

Project: Shocked? Heat Shock Protein Q Promotes Rapid Degradation of Antitoxins

Sarah Gunasekera

Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Biology majors

Mentor: Dr. Carlos Simmerling (Chemistry)

Project: Improving RNA Hairpin Simulations through Adjustment of Force Field Parameters for Interaction of Aliphatic Hydrogens and Backbone Oxygens

Iveliz Hernandez

Biology major

Mentor: Dr. Tara Smiley (Ecology & Evolution)

Project: Exploring Fungal Diversity: Using Forest Surveys to Investigate Plant-Fungi Mutualism as an Ecosystem Service

Anna Kovalskaya

Astronomy major

Mentor: Dr.  Kenneth Lanzetta (Physics & Astronomy)

Project: Transiting Planets Around White Dwarf Stars

Christine Meiselbach

Geology major

Mentor: Dr. Hanna Nekvasil (Geosciences)

Project: Tridymite: New Insights into an Old Problem

Amy Phi

Biology major

Mentor: Dr. Hyungjin Kim (Pharmacological Sciences)

Project: Dynamics of RPA Phosphorylation in the Replication Stress Response

Emma Scher

Chemistry major

Mentor: Dr. Jeffrey Lipshultz (Chemistry)

Project: Ansa-titanocene complexes as photocatalysts for C-H fluorination

Esha Singh

Physics, Mathematics majors

Mentor: Dr. J. Perez-Rios (Physics & Astronomy)

Project: The Kicked Rotor Mechanism: Toy Model for Quantum Chaos