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Celebration Info for Participants

Poster Printing:

*Please see the useful links/advice on doing  poster presentations. Ask your faculty mentor about poster printing options in your department (some departments/programs may be sponsoring the costs and have arrangements for printing). Although costs for printing are generally the responsibility of the presenter, URECA will sponsor the poster printing costs for the first 100 students who submit their poster files for poster printing at the Institute for STEM Education   by:8 AM on MONDAY- APRIL 24, 2023

Important: Please read the I-STEM poster formatting instructions before submitting your poster PDF; and proofread/check for errors before submitting (we will not be able to accommodate re-prints!). Poster size: 36" x 48".

You can view the poster formatting guidelines and instructions for poster submission at the Institute for STEM Education  in Life Sciences here.

*(Note: for those students availing themselves of URECA's offer to sponsor printing costs, URECA will pick up the posters and transport to SAC A on May 1st. 

Whether you are printing at I-STEM or elsewhere, your poster (36"x48") should be ready to set up on the day prior to the event.

(*VIP Team participants can set up on TUESDAY MAY 2- Ballroom B at 9:30 AM)
For students presenting in either Session I or II. you should be ready to set up your poster on the day before:
Monday,  May 1 in SAC Ballroom A.
Best time to set up? Between 2 pm - 6pm*.

Poster display boards (36" x 48") are provided to all participants; however, you may opt to use your own display boards so long as they will fit on a standard easel. Because we need to re-use the boards we provide for the event, we ask that you use binder clips and /or pushpins (which we will have available) rather than glue/tape.

If you become ill or cannot present for any reason, please notify Karen Kernan by email to facilitate a listing of the poster cancellations.

Remind your mentors, lab colleagues and friends about the Celebration on May 2!


TUESDAY - MAY 2. Please be there at your poster during the time you registered for (10-12 OR 1-3)  but don't miss class!. We encourage you also to walk around and talk to others presenting posters! Enjoy the event!

Take-down/end of event.If you cannot be there at 3 pm when our URECA Celebration event ends, please make arrangements for someone else to pick up your poster for you.  Some of your mentors may want these for future display in some of the buildings. We will be there in SAC Ballroom A between 3 and 4:30 taking down easels, etc. and will lay the posters flat...but I would hate to see your poster try to collect it yourself (or ask someone) as close to 3 pm as possible. Suggestion: Bring a poster tube (labelled!) for safe transport! (Any unclaimed posters will be brought back to the URECA office suite (Academic Engagement Suite - Student Union) for you to pick up.For students presenting in morning (10am-12) Session: please leave your poster up for viewing throughout the day's event (even if you will not be present during the 1-3 timeslot).

Let us know if you are withdrawing your poster for any reason so that we can arrange the space.