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ThINC Reopening Plan (COVID-19 Update July 19, 2021)


In accordenance with the New York State and Stony Brook University guidelines, in-person activities in ThINC facility are now available for " Fully Vaccinated Individuals".  "Fully vacinnated individuals" means those who have submitted their full vaccination  status to HR.  Please visit the Stony Brook Univeristy website for more details.

In-person activities in ThINC facility includes but not limited to in-person training session, in-person visit/tour upon appointments.  Please note that AERTC still requires card-access.  Please make appointments with ThINC staffs for any in-person activites.  

For any concerns and questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at  We appreciate your continued support. 

*This site last updated July 19, 2021