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Stony Brook Paves the Way in Water Conservation


Stony Brook University, in partnership with National Grid, has recently completed the installation of new water-efficient aerators, showerheads and spray valves in various campus buildings. The project's aim is to help manage the University's current water usage and water heating costs through conservation efforts. With the implementation of these new water-efficient fixtures, the University has the potential to significantly reduce water consumption and increase natural gas savings.

"The Sustainability team, working with National Grid, spearheaded a project to reduce the University's water consumption by installing devices that decrease water output at the faucet by over 50 percent," said Stony Brook University's Campus Sustainability and Energy Manager, Tom Lanzilotta. "Reducing the amount of water used to wash hands and take showers also conserves energy by using less hot water, which makes this project a win-win for the both the University and the environment."

During the summer break, National Grid installed 947 shower heads, 7 spray valves and 2,280 aerators throughout the campus. The more efficient aerators have a flow rate of 1.0 gallon of water per minute (gpm), while the old standard aerators had a flow rate of 2.2 gpm. The shower heads and spray valves have a flow rate of 1.5 gpm, replacing the less efficient 2.5 gpm units. The installation of these new water-efficient fixtures will save Stony Brook an estimated 2.1 million gallons and 43,000 therms annually.

The project furthers Stony Brook University's longstanding commitment to promoting environmental sustainability through efficiency. "Environmental stewardship has long been a focus at Stony Brook University," said Lanzilotta. "Projects of this nature and scope will go a long way in meeting our efficiency goals."

Stony Brook University's Office of Sustainability is urging students, faculty and staff to join them in thinking and acting sustainably on campus. Below is a list of ways you can help conserve water at Stony Brook University:

  • Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth
  • Turn off the faucet while washing your hands
  • Wash your car at the car wash (the water is recycled there)
  • Take shorter showers
  • Fill up the sink with water while washing dishes (instead of allowing the water to run continuously)


For more information on this initiative, please contact:
Stony Brook University
Office of Sustainability