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Academic Advising

The Academic Advising office provides overall communication to Stony Brook undergraduates about academic advising and the evaluation of transfer credits for general education requirements.  They help students develop their academic plans for graduation and work with students in academic difficulty.  In addition, their office evaluates transfer credits and serves as a central communicator regarding academic deadlines, policies, and events to all undergraduates. 

Their office advises sophomores, juniors, seniors, and second bachelor degree students in the College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business, School of Communication and Journalism and School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.

Listed below are a few helpful links:


Priority Registration

Veteran students receive the benefit of Priority Registration. Priority Registration allows students to enroll in their classes  much sooner than other students within their class year. As a result, Veteran students are more likely to get into the courses they want. Dates and information are available through SOLAR enrollment appointments (typically early November and early April).

To take advantage of this policy, Veteran students are responsible for:

  • Preparing their class schedules before registration
  • Clearing any holds on their SOLAR account before registering

When arranging your schedule, it is important to consider the necessary time to travel between classes. 

Academic Success and Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center ensures a high quality undergraduate education by providing services that complement classroom instruction and encourage student success. Through collaborative efforts with academic departments and student services, the ASTC enhances, promotes, and develops tutorial and academic success programs, and is committed to creating an inclusive, supportive, student-centered learning environment, which stimulates critical thinking and productive learning.

Listed below are a few helpful links:

  • Visit the  ASTC Tutoring Services webpage to inquire about hours, services  and to schedule an appointment. 
  • Stony Brook's  Academic Success Programs identify academic success bariers and assist students in developing a plan to overcome their individual challenges. 
  • For tutor services based on specific subjects such as Chemistry, Physics and Biology, etc please visit  Additional Tutoring Services 
  • Writing Center provides trained undergraduate and gradutate students who help Stony Brook students through one-on-one tutoring services. Tutors can assist the students in organzing, developing and brainstorming ideas on their assignments. Visti the webpage to find out about hours and to schedule an appointment!