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Veteran Students Organization (VESO)


Who we are:

The Veteran Students Organization (VESO) is an on-campus club which consists of veteran and civilian

students who come together to bring awareness to the difficulties veterans face throughout their

college career and post-service lives. VESO plans on-campus and off-campus fundraisers, trips, and

social events to help build a stronger community at Stony Brook for veteran students.

What We Do:

VESO aims to bring issues relevant to Veteran Students to the forefront. With the help of its

membership, VESO intends to continue the history of service and commitment that Veterans are known

for.  VESO’s main mission is to unite Veteran Students with each other and with our campus community,

to make their transition from military to civilian life easier and to provide the necessary guidance and

mentoring to all new Veteran Students.

How to get involved:

  • Attend weekly general body meetings
  • Participate in club events
  • Be an advocate for veteran students on campus
  • Become an active member of the club
  • Run for a position on the executive board


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