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Take the Community Pledge

pledge iconAs a member of the Stony Brook University community, I agree to promote equality, civility, caring, responsibility, accountability, and respect. I recognize the importance of understanding and appreciating our differences and similarities.

Therefore, I pledge the following:

  1. I will not encroach on the rights of others, either as individuals or as groups.
  2. I accept the obligation to listen to and understand the beliefs and opinions of others, and to treat others fairly.
  3. I am accountable for my own behavior.  I accept that I am, in part, responsible for the welfare of the community itself.
  4. I will stand up for the dignity of every member of this community.
  5. I will celebrate and express pride in our community’s diversity in all its forms: race, gender identity, differing ability, religion, sexual orientation or any of the dimensions which makes each person uniquely human.