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Take the Community Pledge

What’s a Seawolf? We are Seawolves. As Seawolves, . . .

. . . we commit to upholding the DIGNITY AND RESPECT of every member of the Stony Brook University community.

. . . we affirm and maintain the FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION of all identities and intersections of race, culture, national origin, religion, age, ability, gender, sexuality, military status, and any other dimensions of human diversity that make each of us unique. 

. . . we are committed to CHALLENGING RACISM and any language, action, or policy, that promotes, permits, or contributes to systemic racism. To put antiracism in practice, we will use critical thinking, active listening, respect, and compassion in our interactions with each other and be open to change.   

. . . we hold ourselves and our community ACCOUNTABLE for our collective responsibility to create a more just society. We will challenge any language, action, or policy that promotes bias behavior and inequality. We will not allow discrimination to devalue our differences, which make us stronger and are a point of pride that we celebrate.

. . . we will LEARN ABOUT, CELEBRATE, and HONOR the diversity of our community and are committed to maintaining respect, promoting inclusion, and practicing civility. By doing this, we also contribute to the global community as we develop leaders, conduct groundbreaking research, and provide world-class health care.

As a member of the Stony Brook University community, I agree to promote equality, civility, caring, responsibility, accountability, and respect. I recognize the importance of understanding and appreciating our differences and similarities.